Almost half way there

For the last four months, my weight has stabilized between 170 and 173.  The good news is I’m not gaining.  The bad news is that I’m still 35 pounds away from my goal weight.  I’m only 5’3”, so my goal weight of 138 is just barely in the normal weight range. 

I think I have a psychological barrier that is keeping me from breaking under 170.  170 = obese.  169 = merely overweight.  Now I need to figure out why I have a hidden need to be obese.  I mean, it’s not like being in the overweight range instead means I’ve met my goal so I’m confused about this speed bump. 

After the first month of the stall, I decided that my South Beach diet plan just wasn’t working for me.  My runs were up to 14 miles a week and I thought that maybe the lower carb plan wasn’t working with a high activity running schedule.  I switched to weight watchers.  I’ve done that successfully before (well, I’ve never gotten to my goal weight on it, but I have lost 20 pounds before on it). 

Not much success on weight watchers so far either.  I’m having a lot of trouble sticking to the point tracking.  I’ll do it for a week or two and then I quit.  I keep starting again, which I think really is the key to long term success, but I’m starting to get discouraged.

Here’s my plan:

  • Keep tracking my points.  If I miss a day or a week, I’ll just get up, dust my self off, and start again.  
  • Keep running.  My last long run was 11 miles.  I run three times a week, with 4 mile runs as my ‘short’ runs and a long run on the weekend at a slower pace.  I’m struggling with a minor injury that I can’t seem to diagnose or cure.  I think it’s due to my pelvis not being stable enough.  During my last pregnancy (and I DO mean LAST!), I had to have physical therapy because my pelvis got too loose, and I think maybe it’s still not completely right.  
  • Stop weighing myself every day.  Only once a week.  Only on Monday mornings.  I mean it.  For real this time.  Can you tell I’m going to have a problem with this?
  • Start some kind of non-running exercise.  I love Zumba, but I’m only 5 weeks away from the Princess Half, so I’m afraid of anything high impact because an injury now would be devastating.  I’m thinking a Firm DVD or bike riding.  

I’ll post my weight here every Monday.  Last Monday was 172.0

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