Be Our Guest Breakfast Pre-Park Opening

I absolutely adore the way that Be Our Guest brings you right into the movie, surrounding you with spectacular scenes from Beauty and the Beast.  I’ve shared my experiences with lunch (good), lunch (not so good) and dinner in previous posts.  I was really excited to learn that they were opening the restaurant for breakfast, including the opportunity to make advanced dining reservations (ADRs).  IMG_1275A couple of weeks ago, Eli and I took a mommy and kiddo three-day trip to Walt Disney World and I was able to book an 8 am ADR for Be Our Guest on our third day.  I was especially excited about it because the Magic Kingdom wasn’t scheduled to open until 9 am that day, so we’d be able to experience pre-park-opening.   Somehow, in all of our visits, I’d never been able to manage that!

We were staying at Pop Century and got to the bus stop a little before 7 am.  I wasn’t sure how long we’d have to wait for a bus, but it came within a couple of minutes and dropped us off at the Magic Kingdom right at 7:10 am.  We got in the “special event” line past security but before the magic band scanners (I can’t still call them turnstiles).  There was a cast member checking magic bands (and a printed list) to ensure everyone in the line actually had dining reservations.  There were about twenty people in line ahead of us and they let us start scanning our magic bands at 7:22.  IMG_1590From there, it was another line right outside the entrance.  They let us into the park around 7:50 am, and by that time there were probably around 60-100 people in line behind us.  It was glorious.  Gorgeous.  Perfect.

Lots of families were stopping to take photos along Main Street U.S.A.  Cast members were standing in front of Cinderella Castle waving to us as we walked towards it.  It was a really special experience!  IMG_1598Once we got to Be Our Guest (with a brief stop to see if Eli could finally pull out that darn sword), IMG_1609we had to check in which took a little while because our cast member’s iPad was glitchy, but finally we were allowed to walk down the bridge to get into line.  It was a short wait and we were almost immediately pointed to a self-service kiosk to order.  My only minor hiccup was that my magic band wasn’t attached to my credit card, so I had to cancel payment and swipe a card, but it wasn’t a problem.

I knew what we wanted from looking at the menu in advance.  While things were a little pricey for breakfast, I really liked the wide selection of items to choose from.

IMG_1612We were one of the first guests to get into the dining room, so Eli picked a table right next to the gorgeous windows with the magic snow.  IMG_1616IMG_1617Here’s what the scene beyond the window looks like if you peer right through the glass.  IMG_1633Our food came out very quickly.  I had the Eggs Florentine which had scrambled eggs and some cooked spinach in a hollowed out puff pastry shell along with some ham and tomatoes.  I don’t eat tomatoes, but the rest was very good.  Ok, I didn’t eat the spinach either!  The eggs were a little “wet” but I really like my eggs cooked hard, so that’s just a personal preference.  These were MUCH better than the normal Disney quick service restaurant eggs (which are just so gross to me).  IMG_1626Eli had the scrambled eggs and bacon which he loved!  IMG_1624Each table also got a platter of pastries.  We had so much food that I didn’t get to sample them all, but the croissant was divine!  IMG_1625As you can see, this was way, way, way too much food for the two of us!  But, it sure was delicious.  The meal came with a beverage of your choice as well and I went with iced tea which was pretty good.

We were done eating by 8:30 and the park wasn’t scheduled to open for another half hour.  We wandered around in the “allowed areas” (cast members were staged to keep guests from exploring the entire park) taking some really nice photos (I should have brought my good camera!).  IMG_1638We accidentally went past one of the cast members blocking the way back towards Be Our Guest, so when they asked where we were going as we were headed back, I said Be Our Guest and had no trouble getting back there. IMG_1635There was a super friendly cast member near the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and another family and I were chatting with him while we waited for the park to open.  He explained that he’d be able to let us go to get in the line for the Mine Train once his manager gave him the ok, which was usually when the opening ceremony started.  What actually happened was even better.  There were about 20 or 30 of us waiting with him when he got the go ahead to let us go (around 8:50 or maybe 8:55).  He actually walked us to the ride and through the FP+ line.  Everyone was so well behaved, no pushing or rushing.  It was so much fun to get to ride on the very first Mine Train of the day!  I was hoping we’d get off in time to hop in the regular line before the rush got there, but by the time we got off, the wait was 45 minutes!  And the line was very big!

That magical start really set the tone for the rest of a wonderful day!  We somehow got to be the first guests seated at Tony’s and they put us out on the porch where Eli was able to dance his little heart out to the Move It Shake It Celebrate It Parade.  Mary Poppins was around the corner and came by to watch him dance.  He’s usually very shy around characters, but she persuaded him to go over to her and shook his hand.  It was adorable!

Here are my tips for a Pre-Park Opening Be Our Guest breakfast (assuming they continue it):

  • Make your reservations as far in advance as possible and as early in the morning as possible.
  • If you want to be among the first in the park, get to the bus stop or the Ticket and Transportation Center parking lot about an hour before the earliest reservation.   Or just stay at the Contemporary and walk over!
  • Bring your good camera!
  • Definitely stop and enjoy the moment once you’re inside. Use that good camera to take plenty of photos!
  • Look at the menu in advance to determine what your party wants to order.
  • Come hungry!
  • After you’re done, if the park still isn’t open, don’t go past any cast members without making sure you can get back to where you want to go.
  • If you want to ride the Mine Train with literally no wait, this is your chance!  Just go wait by the cast member right at the fork towards the ride.  The one we had was great to chat with!

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Be Our Guest Breakfast Pre-Park Opening — 11 Comments

    • It’s sometimes hard to get a pre-park opening in the summer because they tend to open the park earlier when it’s busy but it’s worth a shot!

  1. I have yet to eat at BOG. I had wanted to when it first opened but to be honest nothing on the lunch/dinner menu appealed to me. I could see ordering something off the breakfast menu though, possibly the quiche. Oh, and when my sister and I order scrambled eggs some where we usually ask for them to be prepared “dry”. That usually eliminates that wet feel to them.

    • Honestly, even if you just go at lunch to get cupcakes it’s worth a trip so you can explore the inside!

  2. That’s so awesome. I heard about the breakfast starting there and think it sounds pretty cool. I love getting reservations for pre-park opening. Any time we do the breakfast at CRT, we always get it for the earliest time, before opening. Something cool about being there with almost noone else. Sounds like you had a great start to the day.
    John @ run. geek. run(disney) recently posted…DiscountsMy Profile

    • It really is a little extra magic to get into the Magic Kingdom a little early!

  3. Great advice April! Pre-park opening ADRs are the perfect way to start the day, especially at the Magic Kingdom.