Be Our Guest – Quick Service Lunch

You may remember my review of dinner at Be Our Guest (if not, check it out here) from our Thanksgiving trip.  On our last visit to Disney for the Princess Half Weekend, we snagged a fast pass plus reservation for lunch at Be Our Guest.  I thought it would be fun to compare lunch (when BoG is quick service) to dinner (when it is a table service restaurant).

We were able to check in at the reservation stand and then just walk right past the long, long, long line to the front and we were escorted in right to an ordering kiosk.  It’s pretty fun, we just tapped my magic band to the screen and ordered what we wanted for each member of our party.

We then got a printed out receipt and got to wander around and pick whatever table we wanted.  Eli’s not a big fan of dark, ominous rooms, so we picked a table right next to the magical snowing windows in the main ballroom.

A server came over and checked our ticket.  We got our own drinks at the drink station and within just a few minutes, our food was delivered by a server/cast member using the same dessert carts that display the cupcakes at dinner.  Creative dual use!

I ordered the ham and cheese (yes it had some fancy french name, but it was toasted ham and cheese and it was delicious!!!), Erik ordered the roast beef (he liked it but thought the bread was too crunchy) and Eli got a turkey sandwich.  We all had french fries and they tasted pretty good.  We saw some tables with the french onion soup which we had at dinner last time.  Very good and very rich and cheesy.

We all got different desserts, but mine was the winner, the Master’s Cupcake (see, I remember its official name!).  It not only had a bunch of grey stuff as icing, it was stuffed with grey stuff too!  The candy pearls are imported from France.  Oh, I am in love with this cupcake.  All other cupcakes are dead to me.  It was that good.

The magical snow was falling outside the ballroom windows and it was just as gorgeous.  We enjoyed looking at some of the small details, like the Knight and Princess logos on the restroom doors:

The food was very good for a quick service restaurant and the ambiance is unbeatable.  Magic snow flurries.  The West Wing.  Murals.  Soaring ceilings.  The details will blow you away if you take the time to explore and really look.

I’ve heard the lunch line goes pretty quick even if it is long.  I love that you can pick your own table in any of the three rooms available and the cupcake…the cupcake…  You must try the cupcake.

Dinner is a lot of fun here, especially when the Christmas decorations are up, but you’re not missing much (except the chance to drink wine or beer in the Magic Kingdom) if you go for lunch instead of dinner.  We’ll definitely be going back next time we visit.

I’ll leave you with some of my favorite photos that show how the Imagineers did an amazing job with every little detail.

Have you been to Be Our Guest for lunch or dinner?  What did you think?


Be Our Guest – Quick Service Lunch — 18 Comments

  1. I love BOG for lunch!! I was sad when they changed the menu and removed the steak sandwich. I haven’t been since they added the Master’s cupcake. Something to look forward to next time.

  2. We had a FP for BOG lunch during PHM weekend, and I think it was our favorite meal of the entire trip because it had both good food and a good atmosphere (whereas some of the other places only had one or the other). We sat in the West Wing which was delightfully dark and spooky, and much quieter than the ballroom which seemed to be where most of the children were.
    We ordered one Croque Monsieur (the ham and cheese :)) and one turkey sandwich and shared them – really a half of either was plenty big enough for lunch! We also loved our cupcakes (which we did NOT share) – I had the triple chocolate cupcake, and my mom had the lemon meringue one. I loved all the details, even on the soda dispensers, and how they were able to find us (I assume by our magic bands?) even though we sat wherever we wanted.

    • I really want to sit in the West Wing, but our little one was already iffy about the restaurant (he’s not a fan of character dining so he kept expecting “a princess” to show up and interact with him and he was not happy about it!) and he refused to go into the West Wing even to explore. It’s gorgeous in there. You’re right, the servings are huge and I left at least half of my food on my plate.

  3. Beautiful pictures! I loved the details about lunch and knowing that you can choose your own room and look around a little. And that cupcake…it looks amazing.

  4. I have been to both. LOVE lunch, I have had the steak sandwich and LOVED it crusty bread and all and also last trip I had the Quiche and salad…I thought a GREAT deal for the price. Its a great place to go for dinner, but for lunch you cannot beat it I think. I love the Library, it is nice and quiet in there too.

    • I do love crusty bread and I am so sad about never trying this sandwich of legend, but I still love BoG at lunch and the ham and cheese was pretty awesome too. I agree with you, dinner is special but it’s the best quick service lunch anywhere!

  5. I love BOG for lunch!! Haven’t been for dinner. I agree with missing the steak sandwich, that was the best! I did enjoy my turkey sandwich though. And I love the french onion soup. I didn’t care for the gray stuff though. :/ I really wanted to like it!

    • What?!?! How could you not like the grey stuff? Do you hate the dishes too? Just kidding! I know everyone has different dessert tastes, but I could eat my weight in the grey stuff! That french onion soup was really great too but sooooo rich!

  6. I had the Strawberry cupcake at BOG lunch (yay fast pass +!!) and it was …okay. I mean it was a good cupcake but I’m definitely more a fan of sweet over whipped frostings…very fresh fruit tasting though! I may have to step out of my comfort zone and try the Master’s cupcake next time!! Cause there WILL be a next time!! 😉

  7. I got a strawberry cupcake at the Boardwalk Bakery that was pretty good but I’m a chocolate fan. The Master’s Cupcake is very whipped, but so delicious. Definitely give it a try!