Beaches & Cream Soda Shop

One of our favorite restaurants at a Walt Disney World resort (outside of the parks) is Beaches & Cream Soda Shop.  IMG_3017It’s located right by Stormalong Bay at the Beach & Yacht Club and while it’s casual and not very expensive, advance dining reservations are definitely a good idea if you don’t want to wait several hours for a table. IMG_3015One reason that it’s hard to get a table without a dining reservation is that it’s a small restaurant with a few counter seats, a handful of booths and several tables that seat four.  I’ve been successful in getting last minute reservations though, so just keep an eye out the week of your trip if you are having trouble getting one. IMG_3973The style of the restaurant is a 50’s diner and that is carried through from the menu to the colors to the jukeboxes at each table (which sadly don’t actually work). IMG_3967_2The menu has some wonderful inexpensive and casual options like the cheeseburger, grilled cheese & tomato soup (I highly recommend this one) and onion rings. IMG_3971But you need to be careful not to eat too much for your meal because the real treasure here is dessert. IMG_3969On our last trip we tried the mini-kitchen sink.  It was delicious but even this “mini” version was way too much ice cream for two adults, a teenager and a preschooler.  We did get to keep the adorable Mickey pants sink though!  IMG_3980The full sized kitchen sink comes in a larger bowl (that you don’t get to keep!) and is delivered with a dimming of the lights, turning on of strobe lights and an entertaining presentation from your server (and guests in the know).  You can see the strobe lights on here and if you look closely, the Cast Member is carrying the full sized version!IMG_3984_2My very favorite sweet treat is the No Way Jose sundae.  It’s a delicious confection of peanut butter, vanilla and chocolate.  I have no photos of it because it so so divine that I cannot seem to remember to photograph it until it is completely gone.  Trust me, it’s is amazing!

If you can’t get a table, many of the treats are available right next door at the to go window! Have you tried Beaches & Cream?  What’s your favorite treat?


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    • So funny, I always mean to go to Ghiradelli and never manage to make it there!

  1. We love to eat there when staying in the Boardwalk area. A few years ago we got the Kitchen Sink with about 10 spoons (traveling with our extended family). It was crazy big, but fun!
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    • It’s my favorite! We’ve gotten it for two people before and even then we can’t finish it!

  2. I definitely want to try Beaches & Cream! Maybe my reward after finishing the Goofy challenge in January!
    On a different note, when I open the link to your blogs, the photos get smaller and smaller and then disappear. Any idea what the problem might be? I don’t want to miss out on the great photos that accompany your blog topics.

    • It’s a great post-race treat. I have no idea what the problem with the photos is; can you tell me what browser you’re using and I can try to recreate it? Thanks!