WDW 10K runDisney Race Costume Reveal

I know this is crazy late, but I just finished up WDW 10K runDisney race costume last night!  If you know me, you know there is a story behind it (because there’s always a story behind everything!).  I had an amazing, unique and cute costume concept that I was going to wear for the 10K.  I’ve been working on that one for weeks and it was ready to go except: I’m not entirely thrilled with … Continue reading

runDisney Dangers: Heat and Humidity

I just love runDisney.  It got me back into running and fitness after over a decade of being so focused on my career and family that I forgot to take care of myself.  And I love the runDisney community of runners and spectators!  So I wanted to make sure that I did whatever little things I can to help everyone have a fun and safe race experience. While Disney is an uber-safe place to play, … Continue reading

Friday Five: Five Favorite Running Costumes

It’s a “Free Friday” at the Friday Five linkup with Cynthia at You Signed Up for What , Mar at Mar on the Run and Courtney at Eat Pray Run DC.  I am in the midst of costume planning and preparation for my 2015 races so with that on my mind I decided to feature my five favorite running costumes (so far!).   I think I’ll do it as a countdown to my number one favorite! … Continue reading

So You Want To Be A Princess? 2015 Update

So you want to be a princess?  You’ve seen pictures from prior runDisney Princess Half races, or someone you know has run the race, or maybe you just happened to be in the parks during race weekend and saw all the proud, limping runners sporting their shiny medals.  Maybe you’re thinking it looks like an amazing experience (it is!) but that you couldn’t do it (you can!).  Or maybe you kind of want to try … Continue reading

Glass Slipper Challenge – Costume Reveals

While I’ll probably never actually top our Club 33 enchanted china costumes, I am not going to give up and just start running in boring outfits!  So, for the Glass Slipper Challenge I wanted to come up with two costumes that were a little different but fun. Going with the Cinderella theme, I decided to go as Cindy in rags for the 10k on Saturday.  This was my inspiration: My original plan was to do … Continue reading

A Tale of Two Races: Tinkerbell Half Marathon 2014

I’m sure you’ve already enjoyed my fun race recap from the Tink 10k (if not check it out here).  It was a ton of fun and I felt great the whole race.  It helps to have the context of that recap which detailed what I spent my weekend doing to really understand what went wrong (spoiler alert) with the half marathon the next day. The Cliff Notes version:Sunday-Thursday – Conference in Long Beach for work; … Continue reading

Race Recap: runDisney Tinkerbell 10k 2014

Where I Stayed: I got to Anaheim on Thursday afternoon and checked into my hotel.  As a Walt Disney World pro, it was very bizarre to me to be able to stay at a non-Disney hotel that was within walking distance to the parks.  I chose the Best Western Stovall’s based on recommendations from other runners.  It is very close to the staging area and finish line of the races and was inexpensive (about $90 … Continue reading

Tinkerbell 10k and Half Costume Planning

My husband has suggested that the only reason I’ve stuck with running over the last 18 months is so that I have an excuse to go to Disney a lot and run around in fun costumes.  And, I can’t say he’s completely wrong. So, with the addition of the 10k races to both Tink and Princess Half Marathon weekends, my costume needs doubled.  I’m always on the lookout for great costume ideas for inspiration.  My … Continue reading

Meetup Magic – Wine & Dine Half

About a month before the Princess Half Marathon, I started seeing buzz on Facebook about the official runDisney meetup.  It sounded awesome but really difficult to get into with whole blog posts dedicated to analyzing the timing of past meetup announcements and blog auto-refresh strategies to maximize your chances of getting that golden ticket magical e-mail. In the past,  runDisney posted on the Disney blog some details on the meetup about two weeks before the … Continue reading

Packing for a runDisney Race Trip – Wine & Dine

I had my first race anxiety dream for Wine & Dine last night.  I got to the corrals and had no running clothes and no running shoes.  Ack, like most dreams, it was much more frightening than it sounds. So I got my 12 mile training run done this morning and decided that the best way for me to handle my subconscious race stress is to write out a comprehensive packing list.  I learned from … Continue reading