How to Ride The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train (without a two hour wait!)

The newest major ride at the Magic Kingdom is The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.  It’s a really wonderful roller coaster that is family friendly and has beautiful scenery along the way.  The only down side to the new ride is that it is so popular that it can be hard to get a shot at riding it without waits ranging between one and two hours. Like many of the new queues at Walt Disney World … Continue reading

Ten Tips to Help Your Child Overcome Fear of Rides at Walt Disney World

We love going to Walt Disney World Resort and rediscovering our favorite rides through Eli’s eyes.  While he is our wild child and isn’t afraid of many things, he is afraid of the dark and being confined.  This means that there are quite a few rides that he has been tall enough to ride but was too afraid to try.  We tried a lot of things to make him comfortable with the idea and I … Continue reading

Disney Side @Home Celebration – Cars!

I’m so excited to announce that I was selected to host a Disney Side @Home Celebration!  It’s probably no surprise to you that I do love me some Disney and I couldn’t be happier to be able to put together a fun un-birthday party for Eli and his friends!  I’ll be provided with some supplies and ideas for a preschooler party and the theme is going to be Cars! I watched on social media last … Continue reading