Kanapaha Botanical Gardens

Continuing on with my local adventures series, today I’m sharing photos of Kanapaha Botanical Gardens.  This a a wonderful Gainesville treasure which is about a 20 minute drive from my house. We try to keep annual passes so we can just stop by whenever the weather looks great and we want to spend some time outdoors. There are a number of themed gardens to wander through.   The bamboo garden is one of my favorites. I … Continue reading

Blue Springs

Continuing my local adventure series, today I’m sharing photos of the worst kept secret in this area, Blue Springs.  We’re very lucky to have so many freshwater springs in the area and they’re all worth visiting.  Blue Springs is my favorite though.  Here’s why! All of our local springs have beautiful clear water (which is really cold – 72 degrees) and they are relatively free of slimey wildlife like snakes or gators because the water … Continue reading

Devil’s Millhopper – Nature Walk & Sinkhole

In my continued local adventures series, I’m sharing some photos of the Devil’s Millhopper, which is a State Park just about four miles from my house.  We love to visit this park to get a lovely walk in and to see how the water levels in the sinkhole change. You pay at an “iron ranger” when you pull into the parking lot by putting the money in an envelope and displaying the attached little tag … Continue reading

La Chua Trail at Alachua Sink

I’m dedicating the next few Thursdays to featuring my local nature adventures.  Last week was the new Sweetwater Wetlands Park.  This week, we head back to Paynes Prairie to the La Chua Trail.  This trail is a little wilder and absolutely gorgeous.   From the parking lot, there’s a quarter mile walk where you go under (or over if you’re Eli!) an old railway trestle.  The underpass/overpass was built back when Gainesville was a railway hub … Continue reading