TotR: Time Management while Training

Time management is our topic today for the Tuesdays on the Run linkup with Patty from My No-Guilt Life, Erika from MCM Mama Runs and our special guest host, Janelle from Run With No Regrets.  Somehow the world seems to speed up a little more every decade and everyone seems to be getting busier and busier.  Work, family, housework, community/church/friends and of course the need to stay up with everyone on social media seems to … Continue reading

TotR: 5 Ways Distance Running Derails Weight Loss

Welcome back to another scintillating edition of Tuesdays on the Run with Patty from My No-Guilt Life and Erika from MCM Mama Runs and me.  We’re discussing tips, tricks and the challenges of weight loss (or maintenance) while training for distance races. Flash back to January 1, 2012.  Eli had just turned two and I was ready to lose weight, get fit and get healthy.  I’d set my sights on the Princess Half Marathon that … Continue reading

TotR: The HW App

I’m refreshing a post from about a year ago for our Tuesdays on the Run linkup with Patty from My No-Guilt Life and Erika from MCM Mama Runs featuring our favorite fitness apps.  There are some great apps out there for fitness, running and nutrition.  I remember having to carry around a little notebook in my purse to write things down and what a pain it was.  Having these apps (mostly free!) at my fingertips … Continue reading

TotR: Nutrition for Runners

Patty from My No-Guilt Life, Erika from MCM Mama Runs and I are thrilled to have Lisa from Running out of Wine as our guest host for this week’s Tuesdays on the Run!  Today’s topic is nutrition for runners.  I’ll be honest here and admit that this is one of the things that I struggle with the most. When I started losing weight and getting active, I stuck with a low-carb, South Beach inspired diet … Continue reading

TotR: Why I Don’t Run in the Dark

Today’s topic on Tuesdays on the Run with Patty from My No-Guilt Life, Erika from MCM Mama Runs and me is Running in the Dark.  While the Winter Solstice is behind us and the days are getting longer, it’s still dark when I leave for work in the morning and dark when I get home from work at night.  So how do I get my runs in when it’s dark outside? The short answer is … Continue reading

runDisney Dangers: Heat and Humidity

I just love runDisney.  It got me back into running and fitness after over a decade of being so focused on my career and family that I forgot to take care of myself.  And I love the runDisney community of runners and spectators!  So I wanted to make sure that I did whatever little things I can to help everyone have a fun and safe race experience. While Disney is an uber-safe place to play, … Continue reading

So You Want To Be A Princess? 2015 Update

So you want to be a princess?  You’ve seen pictures from prior runDisney Princess Half races, or someone you know has run the race, or maybe you just happened to be in the parks during race weekend and saw all the proud, limping runners sporting their shiny medals.  Maybe you’re thinking it looks like an amazing experience (it is!) but that you couldn’t do it (you can!).  Or maybe you kind of want to try … Continue reading

RoadID – Be Safe Out There

As a worrier, sometimes it is tempting to try to stay safe all the time, but that’s not possible (you never know where a meteor is going to land, right?) and it’s really no way to enjoy life.  Risk is out there, you just have to be smart. Running outside is not as safe as indoor running, but it sure is a lot more fun.  If I had to do my running on a treadmill, … Continue reading

Refueling After A Race – Glass Slipper Challenge

Carb loading is a popular past time in the days leading up to a race.  The idea is to make sure the body’s glycogen stores are fully loaded up so that you go to the starting line with a full gas tank. The prevailing advice is that before an athletic event lasting more than 1.5 hours you will improve your performance by eating extra carbohydrates during the day or so before the event.  I’ve had … Continue reading

Jeff Galloway, I Never Should Have Left You

I used the Jeff Galloway run/walk interval method for the whole first year of my training and did the Princess Half last year using five minute run, one minute walk intervals.  And then, after I recovered, I spent the spring and summer building up my endurance so I could run without any walk intervals.  It helped me get my 5k time under 30 minutes and I really enjoyed the zoning out I could find when … Continue reading