Pre-Race Jitters

When you sign up for a big race (and your definition of what qualifies as a big race will vary it could be your first 5k, or a destination race or Boston) you often spend months (or a full year in my case) planning and training and scheduling and dreaming about that big day when you get to lace up your running shoes and make your dreams a reality.  Time seems to go so slow … Continue reading

RunDisney Basics – Transportation

For most races, you just drive to the race-site, find a place to park and walk to the start area.  For runDisney races at Walt Disney World, transportation requires a little more thought. For all the races at WDW, runDisney provides really sweet charter buses from all the host hotels to & from the Expo and all the races, including the 5k and the kids’ races.  They run pretty regularly, I think the longest I … Continue reading

Updated Training Plan: Tapers, Training, Races and Recovery, Oh My!

Two half marathons down and two to go during my four halfs in four months plan.  The next two will be challenges with a 10k on Saturday and a Half on Sunday.  When I tried to train with back to back runs during the summer, my achilles got all angry at me, so I cut back to 3x a week.  My new training plan has me integrating cross training again (which will be challenging with … Continue reading

Tapering – The Good, The Bad & The Confusing

Most training plans include the concept of a pre-race taper.  You gradually work your mileage up to somewhere around the goal race distance and then, about two weeks before your race, you enter the taper period where you dramatically decrease your mileage.  Different training plans handle the taper differently, but in almost every case the runner views the taper with a combination of relief (the hard miles of training are behind me) and anxiety (Am … Continue reading

The Race Day Bag for a runDisney Race

Lots of bigger races allow you to check a bag before you line up to run and usually you’re not too far from your car, so your checked bag can contain just a few essentials like car keys and chocolate almond milk. For a runDisney race, what to put in your checked bag (or the bag you have your friends and family bring to meet you at the finish line) is a little more complicated.  … Continue reading

Packing for a runDisney Race Trip – Wine & Dine

I had my first race anxiety dream for Wine & Dine last night.  I got to the corrals and had no running clothes and no running shoes.  Ack, like most dreams, it was much more frightening than it sounds. So I got my 12 mile training run done this morning and decided that the best way for me to handle my subconscious race stress is to write out a comprehensive packing list.  I learned from … Continue reading


If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m kind of a free-spirit hippie in my off hours.  I’m a CPA, so at work I try to look professional with dressy clothes and makeup but when I’m not working I’m all about crystal deodorant, birkenstocks, and hugging the occasional tree.  I guess that’s my way of saying I’m pretty open minded about alternative medicine and non-traditional approaches to things. There is a lot of controversy … Continue reading

Running Form – Stride Length & Turnover Rate

Because I get injured so easily with running and because I just have a kind of obsessive, research-ey personality, I’ve done a lot of reading about different philosophies of the “correct” running form for efficiency and injury prevention. There are different schools of thought out there, but one that ended up speeding me up and I think has helped my avoid some injuries is shortening my stride length.  It’s a really counter-intuitive technique.  Your natural … Continue reading

Dealing with Injuries without Losing Your Mind!

I am an injury prone runner.  Without this tendency, I am absolutely certain I’d be an olympic caliber runner (in my own private world at least), but I have to accept the fact that my tendons are drama queens who flip out whenever they are asked to do anything new or difficult. When I tried to start running again after my first son was born, my knee tendons rebelled and I ended up quitting based … Continue reading

Favorite Things Friday – Blue Lizard Sunscreen

I’ve lived in Florida my whole life, so you’re probably guessing I’ve got an awesome tan.  Um.  Nope, I may live in a subtropical zone, but my genetics are from Northern Europe somewhere.  Perhaps if my freckles all merged eventually, I might look tan, but really I just have very pale skin that is either pale with freckles or bright red with freckles  Not much in between for me. Therefore, I have learned early and … Continue reading