Just Breathe

Breathing is not something you normally need to think about.  It just kind of happens all on its own.  Unless you’re a yoga enthusiast, you probably haven’t thought about your breathing all day.  However, when you are a runner, breathing suddenly becomes critical.  Questions arise:  Should you breathe through your nose or your mouth?  Should you inhale and exhale in a pattern?  How do you slow your breathing down when it gets too labored? Photo … Continue reading

The Non-Skinny Runner

When most people think “runner” they imagine some one who looks like this: And justifiably so, many runners are thin.  Running does burn a lot of calories.  And it is hard to run if you’re overweight because (1) the extra weight makes some people (me!) more susceptible to injury and (2) go for a run with several 10 or 20 pound weight strapped to you and you quickly realize how much harder it is for … Continue reading

You Know You’re a Crazy Runner When: Ice Baths

I love taking a bath.  I have a small, 80’s style bathtub but I lust after those modern deep garden bathtubs with the jets in the sides.  Ahhhh.  Candles, a book, some Enya and a long hot soak in a deep tub is pretty much my idea of bliss. Photo Credit: RunDisney  (Cinderella’s Castle Suite) Since I’ve started distance running, the bath has started to take a new meaning to me. I’m pretty susceptible to … Continue reading

So You Want to be a Princess? What you need to know about the Disney Princess Half.

Registration for the 6th Annual Disney Princess Half Marathon opens up to Annual Passholders on June 6 and to the general public on June 11.  It is an exciting, women-focused (but not women-only) race held at Disney World.  This race is held towards the end of February and sold out last year in November.  This year, I’m guessing it will sell out even quicker. Photo Credit: RunDisney As a one-year veteran (and internet research expert!) … Continue reading

Favorite Things Friday – Compression Sleeves and Socks

Go to any larger race and you’re sure to see people wearing what look like knee high socks.  While some are fashionable and cute, most people are wearing these compression socks (or compression calf sleeves if they are footless) for injury prevention, performance improvement and/or recovery.  Compression gear is very popular with runners and compression calf sleeves are an easy way to see if it works for you. Photo Credit: RunDisney When I was training … Continue reading

Running Costumes – $10 Costume Sale

My Facebook Running Costumes page tipped me off to an awesome $10 costume sale at Buycostumes.com.  I just love halloween and dressing up in costumes.  One of the reasons I picked the Princess Half as my first big race was that it provided the opportunity to run in a princess costume.  As an adult (and a CPA) it’s hard to find many opportunities to dress up without getting too many weird looks.  So, here are … Continue reading

Favorite Things Fridays – Shoes

The non-runner’s philosophy is that to be a runner, all you really need is a pair of running shoes.  I’ll pause for a moment while all the runners finish laughing…  Somehow this simple sport has evolved to include a limitless array of accessories, supplies and tools.   But at the end of the day, the most important thing you need to be a successful (un-injured) runner is still those running shoes.  They are (literally and metaphorically) … Continue reading

Running Tips – Training Plans

In this post, I described how to pick your first race.  Once you’ve picked out the race you want to run, it’s time to figure out precisely how you’re going to get trained up to go the distance.  There are a lot of training plans and programs out there and (in a refrain you’ll hear a lot in the running community) what works best for one person won’t necessarily be the best for another person.  … Continue reading

Favorite Things Fridays – GPS running devices

When I ran BC (before children) 15 years ago, I figured out my distance by driving my route in a car and using the odometer.  Then, while running, I used a digital watch with a timer setting (or sometimes just looked at the clock when I left and when I got home).  I was able to figure out my pace pretty well, but it was hard to know if I was maintaining my pace well … Continue reading

Favorite Things Friday – Running Fuel

When I was running 15 years ago, the closest thing to running fuel used to keep your energy up during a long run was Gatorade.  Maybe there were some gels or something available, but because the internet was new (can you imagine…how did people obsess about things back then?) and I was young and only a casual runner, I didn’t know about them.  In fact, the first half marathon I ran (walked, cried), only had … Continue reading