Favorite Things Fridays – SparkleTech Running Skirts

Of all my favorite running things, SparkleTech running skirts by Sparkle Skirts rank at the very top.  I discovered them on social media (either the Facebook Princess group or the DISboards, or probably both!) about 15 months ago and couldn’t believe the claims at first.  A cute, comfortable, practical running skirt with built in compression shorts that wouldn’t ride up.  Impossible, I thought. Every pair of running shorts I’d tried in my entire post-adolescent life … Continue reading

Motivation – I need it…

I love running.  I really do.  But I live in Florida and it is late June.  I do not love running in the super-heated sauna I currently reside in.  Even at 6am, it is in the upper 70’s with almost 100% humidity.  Ugh.  I keep reminding myself that I will acclimate (eventually, right?) and that October will be here before I know it.  Unfortunately, running right now is more of a chore than a pleasure … Continue reading