On the Bench – Resting my Achilles

I was able to run Monday without any pain in my achilles during my run, but it felt a bit sore and stiff later that day.  I’m terrified of getting sidelined for a longer period of time by stupidly running through this, so I decided to take a week off and to be really good about icing and taping it and see what happens.  If I can’t run next week without stiffness/pain, I’ll make the … Continue reading

Favorite Things Fridays – KT Tape & Rock Tape

I knew it was only a matter of time.  I’m battling a new injury.  I think it is my Achilles tendon, but I’m not 100% sure.  I’m taking a whole week off of running (I know!) and I’m icing it on and off and I’m trying out three different kinds of kinesiology tape – KT Tape, KT Tape PRO and Rock Tape.  The basic theory behind kinesio tape is that it provides support to the … Continue reading

Training Plans – My Best Attempt at One

There are a lot of great training plans out there.  Two very popular ones are by Jeff Galloway and Hal Higdon.  Both of these fine runners have different training plans for a variety of distances and levels of experience.  Galloway’s beginner plans take you a further distance in training (a little more than the race you’re training for) than the Higdon plans.  Galloway also tends to give you a break on your long run every … Continue reading

Novelty Races – Yes or No?

Novelty races seem to be growing in popularity.  Color runs, bubble runs, mud runs, glow runs, drenched runs, zombie runs… photo credit: Drenched 5k  I haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet so it’s hard for me to decide whether they are for me or not.  On the one hand, they look like they are probably a lot of fun.  And I am absolutely sure that they get a lot of new runners into racing. photo … Continue reading

Racing Etiquette – or how to not really annoy other runners

Any time humans gather in groups, there are rules both written and unwritten to help guide behavior so that everyone can get along.  Some of those rules are basic (ten commandment kind of basic) and make logical sense while some (which fork to use or how to tie a cravat – yes I read too much historical fiction) serve to separate us into social classes.  Racing has its own set of rules.  I’m sure I … Continue reading

Running Adventures with Wildlife

Running in Florida has given me a lot of exposure to local wildlife.  Some runs have been awesome like a Disney moment with friendly animals and some have been terrifying.  Here are some of my running trails: And here are some of the animal friends I’ve run with: Lots of water birds.  I only got a photo of this one but there were some really gorgeous blue herons too.    And my silent, foreboding and … Continue reading

Race Report – Melon Run 3 Miler

As part of my running one race every month goal this year, my July race was the 35th Annual Melon Run 3 Miler at Westside Park in Gainesville.  I’ve run this race once before, about a decade ago as my one and only race after having my oldest son and before last year.  I remember being very disappointed that my time placed me in the bottom third of the runners, so I don’t have the … Continue reading

Running in the Rain

I’ve been very surprised to learn how many people either hate running in the rain or refuse to run in the rain all together.  Maybe it’s because I grew up in Florida where a rainstorm represents a welcome break from the oppressive heat of a summer day, but a dark ominous sky fills me with anticipation and excitement.  Perhaps if you come from a Northern climate, rain means cold miserable weather?  I wonder if that … Continue reading