TotR: Warm Weather Running Gear

In Florida, summer has settled in full blast with the blazing sun, heat and humidity.  Every year I forget how tough it is to acclimate to running in the heat.  Here are a few items that make running in the Florida heat more bearable: Cocogo – I’ve tried several of the electrolyte tablets and solutions and Cocogo is the one that seems to work best for me.  It’s made from coconut water and freeze-dried fruit … Continue reading

Favorite Things Friday – Blue Lizard Sunscreen

I’ve lived in Florida my whole life, so you’re probably guessing I’ve got an awesome tan.  Um.  Nope, I may live in a subtropical zone, but my genetics are from Northern Europe somewhere.  Perhaps if my freckles all merged eventually, I might look tan, but really I just have very pale skin that is either pale with freckles or bright red with freckles  Not much in between for me. Therefore, I have learned early and … Continue reading