Disney Days: Columbia Harbour House

While I love eating at the table service, sit down restaurants at Disney, we’ve found several favorites in the quick service, counter service categories too.  One of our favorites is the Columbia Harbour House in the Magic Kingdom.


Columbia Harbour House is located in Liberty Square, right near the Haunted Mansion.  It overlooks both Liberty Square from one side of the restaurant and Fantasyland (Small World and Rapunzel’s Tower) from the other side of the restaurant.  When you go under the tunnel from Small World to Haunted Mansion, you’re walking under happy diners because the restaurant has two stories.

They have a menu posted outside and sometimes a cast member stands outside the door ringing an old timey bell.  When you go inside, if it’s busy another cast member will help direct you to a line.  You order in a typical counter service fashion, going to a small register where you line up on each side and then pick up from the counter.


The menu changes from time to time and is different at lunch and dinner.  The prices are very reasonable for seafood, especially at Disney.  Our favorites are the fried shrimp meal with french fries, the fried fish meal with french fries and the seafood macaroni and cheese.


I am from Florida and had only heard of lobster rolls.  I thought they were like egg rolls but with lobster in them.  I was so sadly mistaken to learn they were like a hoagie roll with some kind of creamy lobster salad..yuck!  I haven’t tried the chicken pot pie yet, but it looks pretty delicious!


There are stations where you can pick up silverware, condiments, napkins and other necessities both upstairs and downstairs.  There are restrooms upstairs too.


We always like to eat upstairs because it is quieter and most of the tables have great views.  Eli’s favorite view is of Rapunzel’s tower.  He actually calls this the Rapunzel’s tower restaurant!


Like most of Disney, the themeing of the restaurant is great.  Lots of ship decorations.



If you’re looking for a quick service place to grab a bite, I think this is a hidden gem.  Really great quality food at a surprisingly reasonable price.  And like all counter service locations, don’t forget that you can request a big cup of tap water for absolutely free!


Disney Days: Columbia Harbour House — 10 Comments

    • Oh we do love Pecos Bill! Although I am not a fan of condiment bars (bbq and ketchup are all I need!).

    • I think there are a few more options now, and I’d bet all of the sit down restaurants have a lot of flexibility in their menus.

    • It’s pretty good for a quick service restaurant. The dinner menu seems to be a higher quality than lunch but the fried shrimp are the same either time and are pretty tasty!

  1. I always tell my husband we need to eat there some day. We usually take our lunch, and then leave before dinner. One day, though, we will eat there. The shrimp and fries look delicious.
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    • It’s surprisingly affordable, especially compared to other non-theme park seafood restaurants. We pay about the same for a shrimp dinner locally!

  2. This place is one of our favorites as far as quick service. ( I am probably one of the few people who prefers quick service restaurants opposed to table service because I don’t like taking that much time out of my Disney day to eat. There is just so much to see and do and I don’t want to be cooped up inside a restaurant for that long…lol).

    Scott did have one of those lobster rolls last time we were there. It is more like what we would call a seafood salad type mixture on a roll. From what I remember, he didn’t think it was all that fabulous.

    • Those lobster rolls were gross, but I hate seafood salads and I hate hate hate mayonnaise so I’m pretty biased! I haven’t met that many people who even know about the restaurant, I guess it’s kind of off to the side and people don’t really notice it. We really enjoy the food and the atmosphere and the price!