Disney Days: Memento Mori (the Haunted Mansion Gift Shop)

Some of the biggest Disney buzz lately has been about Haunted Mansion merchandise.  The Haunted Mansion Dooney & Bourke purse was one of the most sought after Disney Dooneys, fetching scalping level prices on e-bay and causing people to set their alarms for midnight to check when the Disney store online restocked.  Disney has responded to the high demand for ghostly goodies by rebranding the Yankee Trader store (conveniently located near the Haunted Mansion entrance and exit in the Magic Kingdom) into Memento Mori, the Haunted Mansion Gift Shop.

Welcome, foolish mortals, to my journey through Memento Mori.


The store is predictably very busy and because the space is pretty small, there is often a line waiting to be allowed inside to shop (yes, Disney is very good at making money!).  I visited it during my Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party night and although there was a line, the wait was very brief.

Once inside, I was a little overwhelmed by the variety of ghoulish delights available for purchase.  I got some photos of my favorites that I wanted to share with you.  When I first walked in, I took a moment to notice the little details (not for sale) that Disney worked into the shop.  This was the display on top of a sales shelf.  Nice and spooky.


There was a nice display of figurines like this one with the hitchhiking ghosts and the graveyard caretaker.


Madame Leota is well represented, including this faux distressed advertisement.


And we can’t forget the attic bride.  I love this artwork, which they sell framed and in more affordable prints.


And you had several options if you wanted to recreate the dining scene from the ballroom including these gorgeous plates with the Gracey family crest.


And wine glasses:


For more casual beverage ware, these coffee mugs were very tempting.


And there were also quite few cos-play items for purchase, although the sizing was somewhat limited (mostly small and extra-small in the women’s shirts when I was there).


I really liked the iPhone case in the Haunted Mansion wallpaper, but resisted since I just got a new its a small world case on my last visit.


And there was even a section for the smaller ghouls to select from:


The one item that almost got me was the limited edition Haunted Mansion magic band, but it was only in shades of grey.  If it had been purple, I couldn’t have resisted.


Between being on a budget, getting overwhelmed by the combination of options and the crowded small space and not having my size in a few items, I ended up leaving without buying anything.  I do wish the magic band had been purple and that they’d had my size in the ghost host shirt, but I know we’re heading back several more times this fall and I’m sure they will restock and even have a few new surprises.

Have you gotten a chance to shop in this spooky store?   With 999 happy shoppers, there’s still room for one more!   What’s your must have Haunted Mansion purchase?

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Disney Days: Memento Mori (the Haunted Mansion Gift Shop) — 20 Comments

    • Yeah those Dooney purses are HOT commodities! I have a limit of one Dooney at a time and I’m still loving my Tink one, so I’ll have to wait for the HM one!

  1. We went to the store one morning last week and while there wasn’t a line, it was a little overwhelming because there were so many people in that small space! I loved a lot of the houseware stuff they had and the shirts, but we left without buying anything too. Hopefully the crowds will calm down a bit once its been open for a while.
    Chaitali recently posted…Weekly reviewMy Profile

    • I was definitely overwhelmed. I love the housewares though! It would be so fun to eat off of HM china!

    • Ooh, that sounds great. I’m not sure I noticed that sign, but there was so much to look at that I’m sure I missed some great stuff. I know they had some jewelry that had lots of people crowded around the display so I didn’t get a good look at that.

  2. Memento Mori is now on “the list”. From your photos and description it seems somewhat reminiscent of Bonjour! Village Gifts. It sounds as though the room needs a good stretching though! 😉

    • Yes! It definitely has that more upscale feel of Bonjour! Village Gifts. Love the stretching comment, punny and true!

  3. I will for sure spend some more time in there next trip. I only had 4 hours at MNSSHP and that was it for me during TOT weekend, so I was a quick in and out. That being said some super cute stuff, just short on time and budget.

    • Yep, I had family waiting outside wanting to go get candy during MNSSHP, so I was also short on time and budget!

    • Thanks, I hope to get to explore some more when I go back for Wine & Dine!

    • Thanks! It was a bit overwhelming but fun to see all the different types of HM merchandise!