Disney Days: Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

This year we were lucky enough to be able to enjoy our second Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party.  Our first one was about seven years ago and was a ridiculous amount of fun.   Erik and Alex dressed up as Obi Wan and Luke and I dressed as a witch (my Padme costume did not turn out well so I had to go with plan b).  I was pleasantly surprised at the wonderful weather we enjoyed and how low the crowds were.


This year, we got to go again.  Alex (now 15) decided to sit it out, so the rest of us went dressed as characters from Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  Erik was Captain Hook, I was Mr. Smee (or Mr. Sneeze as Eli calls him), my mom was Izzy and Eli was Jake.  Erik’s costume was the most elaborate and the one that we were taking the biggest risk on with the weather.


The halloween party and runDisney races are about the only time that adults are allowed to wear costumes into the Disney parks (to avoid confusing children and possibly creating safety issues).


The party (MNSSHP for short) is a separate “hard” ticket event.  Even annual passholders have to pay to get in.  MNSSHP ticketholders can get into the Magic Kingdom at 4pm and the party officially starts at 7pm when they start escorting out anyone without a party wristband.

We didn’t get to the party until 7pm this year and were disappointed that Tony’s Restaurant was closed.  I’m not sure why they close down most of the sit-down restaurants during the party.  The park was very crowded, with a combination of the partygoers coming in and the day guests being directed out.  While the walkways were crowded, the ride waits were already very short.  We walked right onto the Tomorrowland Speedway and it’s a small world.  Even the Mine Train wait was only about 30 minutes.


There were candy stations all around the Magic Kingdom, marked by an eight foot tall inflated, illuminated pumpkin.  They had plastic bags in case you forgot your trick or treat pumpkin (like we did!).  They are happy to give bags to adults as well as kids, but we just got two, one for Erik and one for Eli.  The candy was plentiful, high quality and while some of the lines were long, we just skipped those and went to the ones with small lines.


Unfortunately for us, the weather the night we went was pretty awful, very warm and humid with occasional showers.  Erik suffered the most with his wig, hat, dickie, vest, velveteen jacket and fake hook.  Poor guy!  I’m also always surprised at how dark the Magic Kingdom is at night.  I know lots of friends who were at the party the same night we were and I didn’t see a single one of them all night long!


The fireworks for the party (Hallowishes) were just outstanding.  We watch the Wishes fireworks on every visit and these were about ten times more impressive.   Huge displays circling all around us in every direction.  I think these are the best fireworks at Walt Disney World all year.

There is also a villains themed Boo To You! parade which is a little too spooky for my skittish three year old, so we only saw the end of it pass by.  What I saw was pretty impressive, but I prefer to spend my party time riding rides instead of waiting for a parade!

There were some special photo ops as well.  The one I saw that I tried to talk Eli into had Pooh (as a bee), Tigger (as a pirate), Piglet (as a butterfly) and Eeyore (as a clown) all dressed up in Halloween costumes.  It was adorable but he’s still fairly anti-character-interaction at the moment so we just looked on from the sidelines.


While the weather was awful and the park was much more crowded than I expected, I still had a great time.  I love dressing up in costume and I love Disney and I love Halloween, so this party is well worth the extra admission to me.  There is also a wide selection of Halloween merchandise to buy too!

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I’m linking up with John from run..geek..run..(disney) again this week.  Make sure to stop by his blog for the Mickey Monday linkup to get more magic in your Monday.  And check out my page Disney Days for previous delightfully Disney posts.


Disney Days: Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party — 10 Comments

    • It really is an amazing way to celebrate Halloween. And when you hit that year where crowds are low and the weather is perfect, I can’t imagine a better event!

    • It happens! The weather was gorgeous this past week for sure! I’ve put in a request for lows in the 50’s and highs around 73 for both the weeks we’re there. We must meet up! Maybe we could meet for dinner or lunch one day? We arrive on 11/22 and leave on 11/29.

  1. Great costumes. Sorry the weather wasn’t cooperating, but looked like it was still a good time. I haven’t done that party before. We did a weekend trip once for my wife’s birthday spur of the moment and decorations were up but didn’t line up with a party. I look forward to doing this next year. Less than a year to plan out the costumes, though. Not enough time for Disney planning, haha.
    John @ run. geek. run(disney) recently posted…Lost Hidden Mickeys | Mickey MondayMy Profile

    • Thanks! It was so much fun, my only regret is that we were in such a big hurry to get to the party and start having fun that we didn’t get any group photos. I kept thinking that we’d do it “later” but by the time it worked out, my poor husband had shed most of his extraneous costume parts and everyone was sweaty and tired! I’m hoping to restage the photos on actual Halloween though! Looking forward to seeing your costumes for next year!

  2. I love this post! MNSSHP is so much better than its Disneyland counterpart. I’m most likely going to Tampa in SEPT for a conference next year so I’ll definitely be swinging back WDW for a quick visit!

    • Thanks! I’m pretty biased in favor of Walt Disney World in most cases (Cars Land is the sole exception!). Hope you have a great time in September!

  3. It rained on us last year which made it miserable. We had to wait for the parade and we missed a lot of stuff because we were afraid to give up our good spot. Despite the weather, I thought it was a great way to enjoy Halloween at Disney.
    Angie recently posted…It is permanentMy Profile

    • Rain + Halloween costumes can equal some cranky people for sure! We were very lucky to miss out on the rain that night. It rained a lot right before we arrived and then poured while we were playing at the playground inside Dumbo. I just won’t wait very long for a parade, especially if there are short ride lines I’m missing out on! That’s why the FP+ for the parades is such a great invention! Glad you had a pretty good celebration despite the weather!