Disney Princess Half 2013 – Part 3 : RunZilla

Part 1 – Just Getting There
Part 2 – RunDisney Meetup

After the Meetup, I walked through the still closed countries and re-entered the real world.  It was sad to cross that rope back into Future World of Epcot.  I met up with my family and we spent the rest of the morning enjoying Epcot.

Unfortunately, I seemed to kind of have a let down after the meetup.  I was still excited about the race, but maybe it had turned from excitement into anxiety.  My red hair no longer seemed fun, it just seemed silly in a bad way.

I’ve already done my TMI warning in an earlier post, but it’s here again.  So, I ended up getting my period on Thursday, the day before the meetup.  Perhaps that had something to do with my mood.  My teenager had a nasty head cold and cough which made him pretty surly and unpleasant.  He’s an amazing awesome kid, but I think being drug to Disney while sick wasn’t the best for his mood either.

We went back to the cabin for lunch and for the toddler’s nap.  After I got him down, I walked to the front of the campground to get the bus to the Expo.  I had to wait quite a while for the bus, but it did eventually show up.  The Expo was insane.  I read afterwards that it was even worse when it first opened, so I’m glad I didn’t get there until one-ish.

Picking up my packet was easy, but I had to get in six separate lines.  Luckily they were all short.  One for my bib, one for my toddler’s bib for the kid’s races, one for my teenager’s bib for the kid’s races, one for my friend’s pin, one for my race retreat, and one for my t-shirt.  I had ordered an XL shirt and exchanged it for a L.  It was great that they let you do that.  All that was a little hectic and confusing but pretty easy.

I had saved all year in a little mason jar for a shopping spree at the expo.  I wanted a Dooney & Bourke purse, but once I saw the price jump and that it was the same design as last year I decided to use it for other expo shopping. I was pretty disappointed in how crowded the expo was.  I think it would have been fine if the booths had been spread out a little more, but they were small spaces and crammed together so it was very hard to shop.

I had read about run-etiquitte that you shouldn’t run more than two across.  Well, that should have applied at this expo too.  I’d be at a booth trying to shop and a group of 4-6 women would come up and just kind of edge me out.  I’m not a pushy person and you kind of had to be to be able to shop that madness.  I did get a new sparkletech skirt in Royal Guard Blue.

I am in love with it.  It is a medium and it fits!  Just barely, but I’ll take it!  I haven’t been able to wear a medium in years.  I also picked up two shirts that I pre-ordered from Raw Threads.  I’m so glad I pre-ordered, the line to buy was so long!  I got in a huge line to go in the official merchandise booth but it moved pretty fast.  I got an I Did It shirt and a magnet for my car.

As crazy as it was, I ended up going back the next day because I read online that if you pre-registered for Wine & Dine you would get an awesome RunDisney backpack. And I did.  I love the backpack.  And it was nice to get registration out of the way for Wine & Dine.

We went to O’Hana for dinner that night and were a few minutes late due to a monorail snafu.  Something about needing to take a broken monorail off the tracks.  They were ALL stopped for at least 30 minutes.  I hate being late.  I may have gotten a *little* stressed.  This was the first of several times over the next 24 hours that my husband referred to me as “RunZilla”.  Yes, I admit I may have been letting anxiety about the upcoming race upset my mental balance.


O’Hana was delicious.  Amazing.  Fun.  The hula lessons were adorable and the coconut races were hilarious and the food was beyond my expectations.  Especially the delicious pot stickers.  Everything was great.  Until my two year old got full.  Then he decided to have a fit.  This was BEFORE the bread pudding was brought out.  Seriously, I was totally there for the bread pudding.  I get that a toddler out for dinner in a loud restaurant after a tiring day might throw a fit, but please wait until AFTER I get my bread pudding.  So, because the rest of my family seemed not to mind him yelling as much as I did, I got up in a huff (RunZilla warning again) and I stormed out took him to the gift shop to show him the toy monorail I was bribing him with planning to buy him after dinner.  It seemed to focus him on the task at hand (behaving tolerably for a few more minutes) and I did get the bread pudding and it was everything I hoped it would be.

Saturday we had the kids races in the morning.  My teenager (13 years old) was signed up for the mile race, but his cough got dramatically (emphasis on the drama part) worse that morning and he (in that voice you use when you’re calling in sick to work in the morning) said he didn’t think he was well enough to run.  He was sick for sure, but it was kind of funny how much sicker he got while we were making the go or no-go decision that morning.  He’s not into running, sports or exercise, so it’s a struggle to get him active under the best of circumstances.  I had a brief moment of non-Run-Zilla clarity and decided to let him not run AND to not act put out about it.  Yes, I am proud to say I behaved in a mature, good parenting manner for at least that moment.

We still had our two year old in the 100 yard (meter?) dash that morning.  The Kids Races were scheduled for after the Family 5K.  We got to the bus stop about 45 minutes before the suggested time in the Kids Races race instructions.  It is a good thing we did because we waited for a looooong time for the bus.  When we got to the bus stop, there were already a lot of families waiting, so we knew we hadn’t just missed an earlier bus.  I guess it was the combination of 5k finishers coming back from that race colliding with the families heading towards the kids races, but the bus thing was a mess.  It’s good that our teenager bailed on the mile race because we would have missed it due to bus delays.  We got there just as they were lining up the 100-yard dash participants.

It was pretty confusing.  We weren’t sure at first where we were supposed to go.  The bus dropped us off in a parking lot at Epcot (this is usually held at WWOS, but was moved to Epcot because of a conflict with Braves pre-season games) and we just started wandering around, trying to follow the crowds.  The signage could have been much better.  We found where they were corralling up the 100 yard dash kids and families.  In retrospect, we should have just sent the toddler with one or two of us and had the rest of the spectators go to the finish line area to get good pictures, but we had no idea how it worked so my mom and teenager came with us too.  Four adults to help one two-year old do a 100-yard dash.  Pretty silly.  It was crowded and moving slow.  We all walked in one big mass to the start area.  They had volunteers rope off a small area with maybe 50 people to start the first wave.  Then, when all the kids in the first wave finished, the second wave went.

As with most of the events this weekend, it was pretty fun but way too crowded.  We went in probably the fifth wave.  As you can imagine, most two year olds love being in crowded areas that are a little hot, loud and having to wait a long time.  It was almost comical to see each kid briefly melt down in succession during the long wait.  When it was our turn, our toddler (who you cannot keep from running everywhere he can) decided that he didn’t want to run.  He grudgingly consented to walk if his daddy would hold his hand.  This trip was the peak of his daddy-favoring period where he only wanted his daddy all the time for everything.  Not the best feeling for a momma, but I tried not to take it personally when RunZilla would let me be rational.

There were some adorable kids with amazing costumes and they all got really cute medals with Royal Mickey & Minnie on them.  Eli was unimpressed with the whole process at the time, but after (spoiler alert) I got my medal for the half marathon, he suddenly wanted to wear his medal from running too.  And a month later he still struts around the house occasionally with it on.  As with many things in life, it was a huge pain in the butt and didn’t live up to my expectations at the time, but I’m really glad we did it and Eli is still proud of himself (I think) for his running.

After the Kids Races, we briefly went to MK but it was crazy crowded so we went back and hung out at the cabin and the pools.  Yes, it was warm enough to swim, which was great for the whole vacation part of the trip, but not so great for the half marathon running portion of the trip.  We had dinner at Trail’s End which was generally fine, but in a repeat of his unfortunately timed period of not behaving in restaurants, Eli wanted to be let out of his high chair the moment he was done eating (which was well before when we were).  I was pretty over Disney, my kids, this trip, running, myself, pretty much everything by this point.  RunZilla had officially taken over my body.  I don’t think I acted ugly in a public spectacle way, but I certainly wasn’t a kind and loving mom or wife at that moment.  I was so worried that a year of training, planning, obsessing, and saving money was going to end up with disaster the next day and I let it really affect my mood.  Luckily, my family figured out what was going on and helped me ride through it.

Eli and I got to bed early and managed to get to sleep quickly (I really worried I wouldn’t be able to sleep at all, so that was excellent).

Part 4: The Race


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  1. So, I love the “RunZilla” concept- well, I don’t love being in it but I love that there’s a name! This year for the Baltimore Half Marathon, we got lost trying to find parking and were desperately trying to get to the lots before they closed- we had 6 minutes. I kept repeating, “this is my nightmare” over and over again to my boyfriend and best friend in the car. Then I started fretting out loud that we were going to miss the parking and then miss the start and we might as well just go home now. It was not pretty- RunZilla is an ugly biotch sometimes! Luckily, my running peeps know when a melt down is on it’s way and they were able to talk me down off a ledge. And then of course, mercilessly make fun of me the rest of the day for being a crazy person 🙂

    • Yep, that sounds like RunZilla in action! And if I hadn’t documented my craziness on the blog, I’d probably have conveniently forgotten about it by now. At least I know to expect the possibility of another RunZilla mood before Wine & Dine this weekend. Hopefully a weekend at Disney without kids will be enough to keep it at bay! Thanks for sharing your RunZilla moment so I don’t feel so crazy all alone 🙂