Five Races I’d Love To Run: Friday Linkup

I can’t believe it’s Friday again already and time to link up with Mar, Cynthia and Courtney for their Friday Five series.  I’ve been having a lot of fun joining in each week’s topic.  This week is no exception with the topic of “Five Places (Races) I’d Love to Run”.

I’ve recently added a page of races I want to run, but it’s much bigger than five, so I’ll try to get it down to my top five for this post!

  1. I’m getting really excited about my first Gasparilla race!  I’m skipping the Princess Half weekend in 2015 so I can run Gasparilla in Tampa instead (they are usually the same weekend).   The race has a pirate theme (!!) and is actually a series of races, 5k, 8k, 15k and half marathon.  They also offer challenges like the Mic Ultra Challenge which includes running all four races.  Spoiler alert: I’m not running that one!  I still haven’t decided which race I’m going to do, but I’m leaning towards the 15k and maybe the Lime Challenge which is the 15k on Saturday and the 8k on Sunday.  And it’s only $85 for the challenge, including registration for both races!  GaspMicUltraChallenge
  2. I’m skipping the Gate River Run next year too so I can try a new race.  My friend Amy from Mom’s Magical Miles ran the Asheville Half Marathon last year (here’s her recap) and she had such a great time that I’ve added it to my race calendar.   I love the Biltmore and the last time we visited we rented bikes and spent half a day just exploring the grounds. I seriously want to move to Asheville just so I can get an annual pass to the Biltmore grounds, it is so beautiful and peaceful.  So the opportunity to take a race-cation to Asheville in March and to get to run on the Biltmore grounds sounds like a perfect combo to me.  The race swag was amazing last year too!

    photo credit: Moms Magical Miles

    photo credit: Moms Magical Miles

  3. The next race on my wish list is the Ragnar Relay Keys.  I’m hoping to do this race in 2016 with a group (spots are still open, feel free to join in!).  It’s a relay race with a team of 12 runners (six for the “ultra” division) that each take three “legs” of the race.  In between legs, you get to hang out with your team in a big (stinky!) van and cheer on your teammates.  You run from Miami to Key West, including a gorgeous (but hot!) run over the seven mile bridge.  You get to run in neighborhoods, along the highway, in the rain, the sun, the dark and maybe even past some wildlife.  It seems like a great adventure! ragnarkeys
  4. Our family took a trip out west about five years ago and I was awestruck by the breathtaking scenery.  We visited about ten national parks and every one was unique and beautiful.  So it just makes sense that the next race on my list is the Yellowstone Half Marathon.  We’ve never been to Yellowstone but it’s on our list, so I’d love to get to vacation and hike there and then top it off with a beautiful, scenic race.   yellowstone
  5. The last race is the Safaricom race in Kenya.  They offer a full and half marathon, in June on theLewa Wildlife Conservancy in northern Kenya.  The race officials promise that the route is monitored by helicopter to transport injured runners and a helicopter and lightweight aircraft will be airborne “until the last person finishes the race in order to monitor the movements of the larger species”.   Larger species, huh?  Still, it looks like a once-in-a-lifetime experience and a much more memorable experience than just taking a jeep safari.  I can’t afford this one anytime soon, but I will one day!
    photo credit: safaricom

    photo credit: safaricom


It was HARD to narrow it down to my five top races.  Maybe you’ve noticed that most of them involve travel and exploration.  That’s the driving motivation for me to lose weight and get fit.  These represent the Great Wide Somewhere that I want to run!

So, what’s on your race wish list?  Which one did I miss that is amazing?


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  1. I would love to run at the Biltmore Estate – it’s so gorgeous there, and I love the history of the house. My favorite visit was at Christmas 2003, it was so beautiful with all the seasonal decorations.

    • It is gorgeous! Our first visit was in 1996 and it was so different then, I think you parked right on the lawn, LOL! Now there’s a shuttle and it was crazy crowded when we visited. Still worth it though!

  2. Wow! That is a good list. When I think desitination race, I am not as ambitious as you! I think Zooma Half Marathon in Napa is on my bucket list and I would like to cross it off next year! How fun! Racecations!

    • I’m really getting interested in the Zooma series! Hope you get to run it next year!

    • Yeah, I love the aircraft to monitor the movement of the “larger species”. You don’t see that on too many race websites, LOL!

  3. I’d love to do that Asheville race someday! I live near Raleigh, so it’s a fairly short drive. Maybe next year!

    • Awesome! Hope you can do it one year that I do!

    • And it’s so fun to read everyone’s posts to learn about new races that are out there! It’s a big wide world!

    • I’m really excited about being able to do the first three within the next couple of years! Maybe I’ll see you there!

    • Definitely a bucket list item for me too! A bit outside of my comfort zone, but that’s what makes it a challenge!

    • Thanks, I am hoping to get them all checked off by 2020!

    • Thanks! I am a bit worried about the alligators and snakes on the nighttime stretch through the everglades, but I’m still gonna do it! 🙂

  4. Great list of races!! The Yellowstone Half would be AWESOME! I would love to do a ragnar race too sometime – they have one here in Texas I am considering doing either later this year or maybe next year.

    • There is a whole series of races near the National Parks. Apparently they’re not letting them run them in the parks anymore but they still sound amazing!

  5. There are so many great races that are the end of February but I always find myself going back to the Princess. I may forgo it this year, since I will be going there in January to do the Goofy Challenge. I always though the Ragnar Relay Race would be so fun. And the one from Miami to the Keys….even better! My friend last year did the whole distance himself! ~L

    • Good luck on Goofy! Wow, your friend ran the whole thing?!?! That’s amazing and a little crazy! I’m happy to share the distance with eleven other people!

  6. Love your race plans/wish list April. I am running an inaugural half marathon in Asheville next month and am looking forward to the challenge of hills. It will be a great training run for my big event next April in Boston. My sister lives in Jackson Hole, WY and the Yellowstone race is on my list too!
    Pam recently posted…Friday Five: 5 Places I want to RunMy Profile

    • Thanks! I am a little scared of the hills in the Asheville Half, but I don’t plan to run it for a PR (that’s what Space Coast is for!) so I’ll just take it easy and enjoy the scenery. Maybe we’ll make to Yellowstone the same year!!

  7. You Florida folks seem to have a lot of really fun races! I’m with you on Yellowstone. For some reason that I really can’t fathom, I’ve always wanted to go to Wyoming. I must have read a book or seen a movie at one time that was set there.
    This Five Places theme may have to be followed up by Five ‘More’ Places next week!
    Jen recently posted…Five Places I’d Like to RunMy Profile

    • It’s funny how some places have nostalgic feelings to us even if we’ve never been there. Should I admit my interest in Yellowstone is probably driven by Yogi bear cartoons? Probably not.

  8. Aww, sorry that you will be missing PHM, but heck the price of that pirate challenge race is pretty good, you won’t find that at Disney!

    I read Amy’s review about the Ashville race and never gave it much thought. But my mom just mentioned this week that she’s had a desire to go there, so maybe this would make a fun girls trip. I’m intrigued now!
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    • That would be great if you made it to Asheville. I’m hoping to be a race ambassador, but even if I’m not, Amy probably will be, so be on the lookout for a coupon code!

    • It’s not on my race calendar yet, but I hope to get there by 2020~

  9. We are looking at Gasparilla this year, too!

    OMG – that safari half looks awesome, but… “larger species”? With my luck, I’d be having to outrun an irritated rhino. No, thank you!

    • It would be great to see you at Gasparilla! Yeah, the larger species thing cracked me up! We had a runin with a kind of irate rhino at Animal Kingdom on the jeep safari and it was a bit scary even in a jeep at Disney!

  10. The Gasparilla race looks fun. I love pirate themes!

    I really want to run Ragnar Keys. I remember many years ago my mom and her friends ran a relay race across southern Illinois and they had a blast. I would love to have that same experience running through the Keys.

    • I’m already working on a pirate themed costume, haha! I am pretty sure I’ll be doing the Ragnar Keys in 2016, so if you want to join us, keep an eye out!

    • That is so cool. I know a lot of people who have run it (since we live fairly close) and I’ve always wanted to run it but I couldn’t run for so many years because of my weight and babies and whatever, and then when I did start running again I was so upset to learn that it was the same weekend as the Princess Half! I’m really excited to try it out next year!