Friday Update – 10/04/13

Current Weight: 169.0
 – From Last Week – 2.8 pound loss
 – From Start of Challenge –  2.0 pound loss
 – From Highest Weight –  65 pound loss

So, I started the South Beach Diet, phase 1 on Monday.  I figured I’d do a daily entry on this post and then post the weekly update along with my weight results each Friday.

Monday – (Day 1, Phase 1) Ran 4 miles, felt tired but pretty good.  Eli’s fever finally broke so I got a little more sleep Sunday night than I’d had in days.  I ate on-plan all day.  Erik made my favorite dinner which just happens to be phase 1 friendly (it has carrots, but whatever, you’ll never convince me that carrots made anyone fat!).  I did feel kind of funky during the day, achey and a little hot/cold weirdness, but that could be our strange weather, stress, PMS or I may be fighting Eli’s mystery virus.  Lunch was lunch meat and low fat cheese sticks.  Dinner was Chicken Jalisco

Tuesday – (Day 2, Phase 1) I ate on plan all day, leftovers from dinner last night for lunch today and chili for dinner.  I felt really really bad in the early afternoon (hot/cold and just out of it).  Again, who knows if it was stress or some virus?

Wednesday (Day 3, Phase 1) Leftover chili for lunch and lunch meat/cheese sticks for dinner.   I ran 4 miles which felt pretty good.  I also did a 10 minute walk each way to and from my remote job site (In addition to my normal high stress job, I am on two major special projects at two different job sites).  I had a Luna Protein bar before my run and one at around 7:30pm because I had to stay at work until 10pm for a commission meeting (I start work at 6:30 am) and my light dinner just didn’t fill me up enough for such a long haul.

Thursday (Day 4, Phase 1) My one eating out day a week at work!  I made great choices and went to a local BBQ restaurant for a BBQ chicken breast, green beans & black eyed peas.  The hardest thing for me there is to resist the BBQ sauce, because I love theirs, but I asked for their firecracker sauce instead which is a buffalo sauce.  Dinner was Chicken Pesto, basically a chicken breast covered in pesto and lowfat cheese and baked in the oven.  I did implement my mental and physical health plan to get up and take a 15-20 minute walk after sitting for a couple of hours.  I think it helped avoid that funky bad feeling I was getting in the mid afternoon.

What I did well:

  • I ate very well on plan, with a few things that aren’t officially allowed on Phase 1 but that I don’t consider cheating (lowfat sugar free yogurt, those 2 protein luna bars, carrots in the chicken jalisco).  I completely avoided junk food and there was a lot of it around me.
  • I got my planned runs completed.
  • I got a little extra exercise in with walks on two of the four days.

 What I need to work on:

  • I am drinking WAY too much diet soda.  My stress levels are high and I have a LOT to do and it helps me focus.  I’ve bought some non-caffeinated diet sodas to see if those perk me up without all the caffeine.   I really just need to break the habit but they taste SOOOO good.  Maybe when I switch to Phase 2.
  • I need to get my strength training back on track.  At least some impromptu pushups or something!
  • I need to make myself take two walk breaks every day.  More for stress relief than anything else.
  • I need to eat more vegetables.  My snacks have been mostly nuts, seeds and lowfat cheese.  Not bad, but really adding some veggies can only help.  

Overall a good week, considering.  Next week should be more of the same, sticking to Phase 1 as much as possible considering my running needs.  I’m scheduled for an 11 mile run tomorrow so that will really test my ability to balance low carb dieting with long distance running.  I think I’ll do a peach oatmeal for breakfast tomorrow and some brown rice for lunch to have some healthy carbs to fuel and recover from the long run.

The best news of all is that I’m seeing Halloween stuff out.  Autumn is my favorite season and I am so excited that there is a feeling of change in the air.  It’s still disgustingly hot here, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel and every pumpkin I see reminds me that fall is coming!

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