Friday Update: the good and the bad

Well, I didn’t weigh myself again today.  I started my new diet bet on Monday at 183.0.  Yes, I gained over the last two weeks because of (1) saying goodbye to junk AGAIN and (2) two days at Disney.  Cupcakes, chips, soda and the No Way Jose sundae at Beaches & Cream.  At least we shared it and I didn’t get this:

kitchen sink

I’ve shed a couple of those pounds this week but had a rough day yesterday.  But I’m getting ahead of myself.  Here’s how my week went:

Saturday night we did a little over five miles at the Expedition Everest Challenge (catch up on my recap here).  We drove home Sunday afternoon (after the No Way Jose sundae incident) and had to do all the weekend catch-up stuff to get ready for the new work week.

Monday, I got to work early to get my scheduled repeats in.  Halfway through I just had to quit.  Not slow down but quit.  That is only the second time in the last two years that I’ve had to quit a run before I intended to.  I have some theories about this:

  1. I did race two weekends in a row and the last race was less than 36 hours before I was pushing myself on repeats.  Um…I’m not sure that’s recommended.  And that’s probably the biggest reason my body was just not going to go along with my workout plan on Monday morning.
  2. I’ve been doing a great job on the speed work, cross training and heavy weights over the last month.  I suspect that adding all that all at once was a bit overwhelming to my system and it was begging for a break.  I think I was on the edge of “overtraining”.
  3. I’ve been dealing with quite a bit of work and home stress over the last month as well which was wearing me down.
  4. I didn’t eat anything for breakfast on Monday.

It was a crazy week at work (budget season) so I decided just to take the rest of the work-week “off” of working out to give my body some time to recover and to take off a little of the stress of rushing to and from my workouts between meetings.

My body does feel 110% better now, but I discovered that even taking four days off of working out apparently makes me crazy!  I’ve read that working out can be more effective than an anti-depressant pill and I think they are right.  The last couple of days I’ve felt insecure and cranky and just plain sad for no apparent reason.  I’d blame hormones, but that’s not the problem (although it sure feels like it!).  I think this is just a side effect of withdrawal from my daily endorphins from working out.

And that mood just bubbled over yesterday and resulted in bad choices for both lunch and dinner!  Oh well today is a new day and I’ve done well so far.  Eli and I had a picnic outside (he may or may not have still been in his pajamas at the time).  I’m planning on doing a long run tomorrow morning and I’m counting on that improving my mood dramatically.

I really do love my speedwork from Run Faster, Run Less, but I think for an overweight 40 year mom of two with no previous track training, it may be a little too aggressive.  I’m going to look over the plan again and see if I can do some modifications.  I’m thinking about spreading it out a bit and adding a 8×400 repeat session in between each scheduled week (I’m kind of proud that I’m considering that an “easy” workout already).

I’m still loving my strength training and am going up pretty quickly to heavier and heavier weights.  I’m only doing it twice a week, so I feel good about sticking to that plan.

I couldn’t decide on a diet, so I’m working with my “Don’t Eat Crap” plan for now.  I’m kind of sick of the green smoothies (the frozen strawberries I’ve been putting away don’t taste nearly as good as when they were fresh for some reason) so I need to find a new recipe.  I’m going to focus on good carbs and not too much fruit.  I’m off the Diet Dew again, so that’s a good direction.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Don’t give up on me just yet, I just have to recommit to eating right every day.  I’m thinking of getting a bracelet or something that I can see (but isn’t as unprofessional as writing on my hand with a pen!) that serves as a reminder of my goals and why I want to lose weight.  Any suggestions?


Friday Update: the good and the bad — 8 Comments

    • I actually did that too, but went with the message “Suck it up buttercup” which is great for running, but not so great for dieting decisions! I think I want to order something that says or represents the WDW 10k since doing that fast is my current big goal…

  1. Sometimes your body just needs a little break! :0) It’s just really good that you listen to your body!

    Love that quote about being on the edge of a breakthrough – kind of like the darkest before it’s dawn. A great reminder when things feel rough!

    Good luck on your long run this weekend!

    • I’ve got Suck It Up Buttercup on my Road ID, well now I just have Buttercup because the band that said Suck It Up got lost… I think I’ll order another that says Focus or Be Strong or something…

  2. OMG No Way Joses are my favorite dessert of all time. My thighs are SO glad that I don’t live within driving distance of WDW for that reason! (Although I am getting the itch to go again. It’s been 2 years!
    Don’t Eat Crap sounds like a sound diet plan. I need to listen to it as well!
    Des @ Finding the Skinny Geek Within recently posted…Weekly rewind and weekly recapMy Profile

    • It was pretty amazing! I’m glad we decided to share though because that was a huge sundae. Definitely a once every year or less treat I think. If I stick to it, I’m sure this Don’t Eat Crap plan will work eventually!