Friday Update – I don’t know what to say about this

Current Weight: 181.6
– From Last Week – 3.4 pound gain
– From Start of Challenge – 3.8 pound gain
– From Highest Weight –  52.4 pound loss

Um, yeah.  So about this weight thing…  While I wasn’t perfect this week, I really can’t explain such a big gain.  I did make a few bad choices and yesterday was the very worst, out of town training with food and snacks provided…  Brownies, pastries, chips…

I did eat more Dove chocolates than I should have this week and I had one cheeseburger and french fries meal.

I ran once on Sunday and did yoga and weight training for the first time in forever on Monday.  And apparently I overdid it in a big way because I could barely walk for three days.  Delayed onset muscle soreness is just awful.  My legs are finally starting to feel better today (thankfully since I have a 15k tomorrow!) but the idea of running or going back to the gym for the rest of the week was unbearable although it probably would have helped work the soreness out.

My successes this week:

  • Did yoga!
  • Did strength training.
  • Made good choices 80% of the time with food.
  • I only ate one girl scout cookie.

I still am trying to have faith in the premise that the best way to boost my metabolism and drop fat is to do real strength training.  I know it won’t happen overnight but it just makes sense that if I add 10-15 pounds of muscle then I’ll burn more calories 24/7 and be able to drop the last 40 pounds.

I hate hate hate hate hate tracking calories or points.  I hate measuring my food and feeling like I have to obsess about everything that goes into my mouth.  I don’t want to have to go back to South Beach eating, but that is my backup plan if 90% clean eating and strength training doesn’t get me results on the scale.

What have you found success with for permanent weight loss that doesn’t require weighing/measuring/tracking food?  Has anyone given strength training a try for weight loss?


Friday Update – I don’t know what to say about this — 16 Comments

  1. Strength training is definitely important, but cardio is too, of course. I will give HIIT (high intensity interval training) a try – you’ll burn fat faster! :0)

    Also, I know tracking calories suck, but it works. I lost a lot of weight in 2012 while keeping a food diary and have kept it off and eventually didn’t need to track anymore. More tracking now = less need for it in the future! Good luck girl!

    • I’ve heard good things about HIIT too. Wah, I don’t want to track calories *stomp foot*. But yes, I can see that I might end up having to do it. Ugh. Thanks for the reality check 😉

  2. I lost a ton of weight doing CrossFit. I don’t know the number because I’m not a scale visitor, but I dropped three pants sizes at one point. It was too much and I knew it wouldn’t last. Since quitting CF, I gained a lot of it back, but it’s in different areas. Go figure. I really need to start monitoring my food. I spend too much time grabbing sugary things and saying “Tomorrow I’ll do better.”
    Strength training does help, but you have to really go at it and lift heavy and at a high intensity. Too many women make the mistake of lifting too light and not challenging muscle groups.

    • I definitely think the heavy/high intensity weights are the way to go. I have a trainer with the wellness program at work who I’m going to get with next week to help me design a program and show me how to do it properly. I like some things about CrossFit, but the culture surrounding it seems a bit intense… Thanks for the tips!

  3. Thanks so much for sharing this… I really need motivation myself. You are inspiring me and love seeing how you can find the positive. I think you just ate too much salty and are retaining water LOL. I am starting weight training tomorrow, running today.

    • Thanks, Julie. It’s just so frustrating to be doing the right things (well, mostly!) and not really seeing results. My doctor seemed to think that being a 40 year old woman meant that it’s just going to be harder. I guess I have to accept that and just WORK harder, right? Good job on your weight training and running! 🙂

  4. If you are anything like me (*snort*) then the gain probably came from excess water to those muscles that you really pushed with the weight training. I’ve been told it will come off eventually and/or the scale will eventually move, but you may see clothing shrink but not much movement on the scale with lifting…which I think is totally worth it! I do find that when I really push a different set of muscles, I will gain a bit.

    • I’m hoping some of it is related to the strength training, but I’m not sure how long that lasts. I am still a little sore from Monday so maybe. I am going to keep at it and see what happens over the next 4-6 weeks before I do something more drastic.

  5. I hate to say it but, at this age, no type or amount of exercise seems to make any difference for me. The only thing that works for me has been counting calories. I hope you have better results!

    • Funny you should say that, my doctor basically said the same thing about getting older, being a woman and carbs. I figure as long as I don’t give up entirely, I’ll have a good chance at success eventually!

  6. I wish I knew what to tell you. I’m planning on amping my strength training. At this point I’m wondering if I need to start finding an actual “diet” to follow instead of counting calories like I’ve been doing. So frustrating! Hang in there, April! We’re in this together!

    • It can be frustrating, but I know we can both do it! Strength training + cardio + not eating crap = success right? I know I need the first two, so I’ll get those settled in well and then tweak the eating until I see the results I need. Thanks for the support and companionship!

  7. Sometimes there just aren’t any answers and it’s the most frustrating thing in the world. I do strength 3x a week to mix things up. I do feel stronger in general, but I have no idea what my body fat or anything was before to compare it to and see if I’m actually building muscle. Maybe you just haven’t tried what’s “right” for you yet…

    • I figure that if I focus on strength and keep up the cardio, I can play with my diet until I find something that works. I do want to be thin for vanity and health but I really really want to run fast and to do that I need to work on my strength and cardio. Thanks for the support! And I am really impressed with all the work you’re doing!

  8. Through running, I was able to lose 15% of my weight and keep it off. Now I’m stuck and I started doing strength training to lose that last bit. Unfortunately the scale is only going up. :/ I’d like to say it’s from all the muscle I’m gaining, but I’ve made some bad food choices lately. I definitely hear ya- it’s hard to balance everything! I have noticed an increase in my overall strength, so I think I’m headed in the right direction! Hang in there, you got this! 🙂

    • Great job on strength training, I keep getting sidelined when I overdo it and then hurt too much to get back to it. I know my food choices are critical, but I don’t want to go overly restrictive to lose the weight if I can’t stick with it for the long run. I guess we just have to experiment and see what works for us, right? Thanks for the support!