Friday Update…On Sunday

Current Weight: 171.8 (This was Friday’s weight)
 – From Last Week – 4.0 pound GAIN
 – From Start of Challenge –  0.8 pound GAIN
 – From Highest Weight –  62.2 pound loss

Yeah things got a little out of control on the diet front last week.  I couldn’t run because my neck hurt pretty much constantly for most of the week.  Work is crazy.  Eli sprained his ankle and got sick.  And I self-medicated with junk food.

The good news:

  • My neck feels much better.
  • I ran a pretty fast 5k on Saturday morning despite no sleep the night before.
  • I have “A Plan”.  
    • I’m starting the South Beach Diet tomorrow.
    • I planned out my meals for the week.
    • I pre-made breakfasts for the week:
      • Low fat cheese
      • Canadian bacon
      • Eggs
      • Bake in mini-muffin pans, put in the fridge and microwave for an easy on the go breakfast.
    • I made low-carb high-protein chocolate almond milk for after workout treats:
      • Unsweetened almond milk
      • Unsweetened dark Ghirardelli chocolate powder
      • Low-carb protein powder
      • Stevia
      • Mix together in the blender and fill 1/2 pint mason jars for easy on-the-go treats.
      • Can be microwaved or heated on the stove for a hot chocolate treat.
    • I made little mixed nuts and seeds snacks to keep in my work bag for a snack when I need it and I’m away from my office and break room fridge.
      • Almonds
      • Pumpkin seeds
      • Sunflower seeds

I’m motivated and I have my head in the right place.  I know I didn’t really gain four pounds in one week so I suspect I’ll have a substantial loss in the next few days as I lose the water weight gained from salty junk food.

My only concern is keeping my energy up for my Wine & Dine long runs.  I’ll certainly keep eating my Honey Stinger chews on those double digit miles runs even though they are high carb.  I’ll also plan to eat some fruit on the days I work out.

I lost most of my weight on South Beach last year, but phase 1 can be difficult for me when I’m running because if I stick to the super low carb rules and I run I tend to get low blood sugar and get a bit woozy.  So, I’ll just monitor it and add extra dairy, fruit and beans if I have issues.  I could just skip to Phase 2 but (1) I really want the psychological boost of a significant weight drop in the next two weeks and (2) I think that I will benefit from the way Phase 1 really cuts my carb cravings.

I feel like this is my best chance to really bust this year-long plateau and get down to my goal weight.  I have a million excuses to explain why I can’t lose any more weight but so does everyone.  I know I’ll be healthier and I’ll feel better and I’ll look better and I’ll be able to run faster (I’ll refrain from mentioning which one is the most motivating to me) if I lose 30 more pounds.  And that will just take me to the top of my “normal weight” range.  I have a lot of muscle under the fluff, so 138 pounds at 5’3″ on me is a comfortable size 6.  That’s my goal.  And it’s in sight.  Time for the last big effort to get there.   


Friday Update…On Sunday — 8 Comments

  1. Seriously, we really do have a lot in common. I don’t blog about my weight issues much, but they are basically the same. I’m stuck, stuck, stuck, I know what to do but don’t, and then if I eat bad I immediately gain 5-7 pounds (that consequently takes much longer to get off). I hope South Beach works for you. For me, I just MUST get my portions smaller and out of all the things I have done, that has been the most successful in the long term. I’m so glad your neck is better though! Heel better too? It’s the strangest injury…I can still feel mine there a bit, it’s not 100%, but I can run and it doesn’t seem to bother it. It annoys me though, I feel like I’m holding back a bit and I want to feel like I’m “all in”, if that makes sense!

    • I work with a lady who has been really successful with the portion control approach. I just seem to do better with really strict rules. Once I get flexibility, I tend to slip more often. It is hard not to be complacent with my weight where it is. 60+ down feels so skinny sometimes and then so fat still other times. Weight is a strange issue!

      The heel is kind of like yours (twinkie!) not 100%, but not keeping me from running. I’m still trying to ice it when I think about it and stretching my calf.

  2. I’ve recently dropped my carbs as well and I feel so much better and the cravings are already gone (3 days) I worry about fueling my long runs, but on the other hand, being 30 lbs overweight is hurting my running as well!
    You’ve done so well and are such an inspiration! Keep going 🙂

    • Thank you so much! I agree completely that the long runs are going to be tricky (and will probably require some simple carbs) but losing 30 pounds should speed me up a full minute per mile, so it will be worth it. Plus less chance of injury. Oh yeah, and general health too I guess 🙂

    • Thanks! I’m working on a new format for my Friday updates with a little more daily detail, at least for the first few weeks of South Beach. Hope to be able to share some good results soon!