Friday Update – One Day Late

Well, I forgot to weigh myself before coffee and breakfast on Friday.  I’ve also been “saying goodbye to junk food” AGAIN in preparation for my Diet Bet that starts on Monday.  So, I don’t really want to weigh myself until Monday morning anyways.  Yes, I know this is counterproductive to my long term goals and yet, the idea of losing weight that “doesn’t count” towards the diet bet is pushing me towards a bit of off-plan eating.  So, today’s update is going to focus on what I did and how I feel and we’re going to ignore Mr. Scale for the present.

So, how did I do on my five goals?

Here’s how I did on my Five Fitness Goals:

  1. Counting CarbsBreakfast – 30g; Lunch & Dinner – 45g each, snacks – 15g each. 
    • Nope.  Breakfast was ok.  I ate lunch out every day this week.  Seriously.  We had two work celebratory lunches, my regular lunch out, a special lunch out with Eli because he had to have blood drawn (which meant I had to have a reward lunch too).  Sigh.  I know I can’t eat out every day and lose weight (or pay of my debt for that matter either).  Dinner was ok.  Snacks were a problem.
  2. Structured Eating – 3 meals and 3 snacks per day.
    • I did great with three meals, but terribly with the snacks.  Again.  Work gets busy, I’m in meetings and I don’t make it a priority to slip out for a snack.  Got to work on this!
  3. Running – Focus on speed and form.
    • 3 mile “Tempo” run on Saturday (my UF race)
    • 2×1600 and 1x 800 repeats on Monday.  I’m so excited about how these went.  I was convinced that I wasn’t going to be able to do a full mile repeat at a 9:04 pace.  It was really hard and I just made myself give it a try and keep pushing and I was able to do:   Repeats1I was really happy with those results.  I got two PRs in a row for fastest mile ever!  Just goes to show that you have to set your goals high.
    • My Wednesday run got derailed by an early morning meeting and me being so exhausted that I completely slept through my alarm.  That NEVER happens!
    • Tuesday & Thursday were bike cross training
  4. Strength – Commit to 2x a week strength. 
    • Tuesday & Thursday completed.  I went up on most of the weights again.  I’ve just finished a full month of my planned strength training!
  5. Adventure.
    • Last weekend we went to the Florida Museum of Natural History and explored the Butterfly Rainforest and the other exhibits on Friday.  IMG_2749On Saturday after my race we went back to the Devil’s Millhopper and got to go up all those stairs again with my 32 pound piggy-backer!

My biggest NSV this week was that I was able to go up several flights of stairs without any effort at all this week.  It’s always annoyed me that I can run a half marathon, but going up two flights of stairs at work always left me just a little winded if I had to immediately talk afterwards.  Apparently either the speedwork, the strength training or a combo has really improved my ability to do the stairs.  I was so happy that I felt like it was effortless to go up a couple of flights!  Progress!

My diet bet starts Monday.  I’m still torn on whether to just do My Fitness Pal, a low carb diet, Whole30, my own “don’t eat crap” diet, or some other method.  I know they all work if you stick to them, I’m just not sure which one works best for me for both short term loss and long term loss/maintenance.  I’m leaning towards Whole30, but I’m worried about impacting my family’s meals…

We’re off to Disney for Expedition Everest today!  Check back soon for my race recap.  It will be Erik’s very first race so feel free to virtually cheer him on tonight!


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  1. I love natural history museums! Especially if there are dinosaur bones. The one in LA kind of freaks me out, though. There’s this whole room full of stuffed birds. Hundreds of species all dead and stuffed.
    Jen recently posted…Tacos & Beer 5K Race RecapMy Profile

    • Yeah, stuffed birds are creepy. Ours has a few that are just kind of gross. We’ve got a huge butterfly exhibit (all alive!) that has waterfalls and koi and lots of tropical plants. There are mastodon bones and lots of other fossils. I don’t think we have any dinosaur bones at the moment, but sometimes we get a traveling exhibit of them.

    • Thanks! I couldn’t believe it when I clocked two sub 9 minute miles. Now to figure out how to run 3.1 or 6.2 at that pace!