Friday Update with a Smoothie Recipe

Current Weight: 173.4
 – From Last Week – 3.2 pound loss
 – From Start of Challenge – 4.4 pound loss
 – From Highest Weight –  60.6 pound loss

I’m really excited that I lost weight this week because I’m on my fourth day of a steroid pack for my sinus situation.  I was really afraid that the Prednisone would at a minimum give me bloating and very likely would just make me so hungry that I’d gain real weight.   I might be a little hungrier, but it hasn’t made me crazy ravenous.

Part of this week’s loss is really work from last week that was masked by my splurge last Thursday at Las Margaritas.  I’m just thrilled to be moving in the right direction several weeks in a row.

My workouts this week were:
Saturday:  Walked 3 miles
Sunday:  Ran 9 miles
Tuesday: Ran 4 miles

I missed yesterday’s run due to a big morning meeting, the choice to eat out for lunch and then a giant cold afternoon rainstorm.  I missed my crosstraining for no good reason at all!  I guess I just didn’t want to do it!

I had hopes (from reading other accounts online) that my Tuesday run was going to be awesome because of the Prednisone.  I’d read about people who said running was super easy, felt like they were 18, ran faster than ever…  Um…nope.  It just felt like a normal four mile run.  Some parts good and easy, some parts painful and tiring.

My sinuses feel a lot clearer, so I think the steroid is working for its intended purpose at least, even if it doesn’t make me run like an 18 year old Olympian.

My diet has been pretty good.  I’m sticking with the Eat Clean/Don’t Eat Crap diet plan about 90% of the time.  I’m not great about fitting in fruits and veggies, so I’ve started having a smoothie for breakfast every day.

Here’s my favorite recipe (I use a Ninja to blend it up and it is yummy!):

  • Baby spinach
  • Frozen cherries
  • Fresh strawberries
  • Unsweetened Ghiradelli cocoa powder
  • Unsweetened vanilla almond milk

It looks disgusting but tastes delicious.  And I get several cups of fruits and veggies first thing in the morning.  A lot of people add protein powder to their morning smoothies to help fill them up, but I can’t find one that (1) doesn’t have a bunch of chemicals or sweeteners (fake or natural) and (2) doesn’t taste like chalky/grainy grossness.  And, I figure I get plenty of protein during the day, so I’m just skipping it for now.

I’d really like to be under 170 for the Princess Half in three weeks and I know I can do it with a little focus.  I’ll be revealing my two costumes soon and I have to decide what Eli will wear for his Kids Race that weekend too!

Speaking of the Princess Half, it is almost here.  Have questions?  Need inspiration?  Check out this amazing blog-hop with everything you might want to know!  


Friday Update with a Smoothie Recipe — 10 Comments

  1. That sounds like a great smoothie! Feel better!

    A head cold made me feel miserable this week too, so I didn’t run my scheduled runs either. I hope to get back out there tomorrow.

  2. Sounds like you are doing great and staying on track! I’ll have to check out that smoothie recipe. I find myself eating 2 breakfasts – one at 6am before I get the kids up which leads to me being ravenous again by 9! I might try a smoothie in between to keep me filled up but not munching on a bunch of carbs.

    • Thanks! I get up at 5:30 for work, but the smoothie seems to tide me over until at least 10am. But the biggest thing is that I’m eating some spinach everyday which was not a normal course of events for me in the past! There are some great smoothie recipes out there!

  3. I used to make smoothies every day but got lazy and didn’t want to clean the blender. LOL. Congrats on the scale this week, I’m on a strict clean-eating two weeks as well since I know I’ll be eating everything in sight at WDW! LOL. TWO WEEKS!!!!!!! SQUEEEEE!!!!!!

    • The ninja makes it much easier because the cup is what you do the blending in, so the only thing to clean is the blade attachment and it rinses off super easily. Mine came with two of the cups and lids and one blade attachment, so I can pre-pack one cup with veggies and fruits and put in the fridge at night, so all I have to do in the am is add almond milk and blend. Big time saver for my crazy early mornings. I hated cleaning the blender too and I gave away my juicer because it was such a pain to clean. Check out the ninja if you get a chance. I think the nutribullet is kind of the same thing…

      And yes, it will be cupcake-splurge time for me at WDW! Yay!!