Monday Update 1/24/13

Weight: 169.8 – I’m below my plateau of 170.  I think not weighing myself all week helped.

Monday – Ran 4 miles
Wednesday – Ran 4.3 miles
Saturday – Ran 9.3 miles

I tracked my points every day, didn’t use any of my flex points and only some of my activity points.  I added a vegetable to most of my dinners and even tried two new broccoli recipes.  I usually hate broccoli, but they were pretty good.  Ok, not really good per say, but edible without feeling nauseous which I all I really ask from my broccoli.  We’re planning on trying at least two other new recipes this week.

I did have pizza after the 15k race and a small hot fudge sundae from McDonalds on Sunday.  I’m really trying to make sure I lose weight in a way I can keep up forever, not just temporarily.  I’d rather stay overweight than to lose it and gain it all back. 

Last Week’s Goals:

  1. Do not get on the scale until Monday morning.  A+, I didn’t cheat at all!  It was hard, though.
  2. Track my points every day.  A-, I tracked everyday, but forgot one or two items.
  3. Run Monday (already done, yay me!), Wednesday and Saturday. A+, did it all.
  4. Do cross training on Tuesday and Sunday.  F, No cross training at all!  I’ll do better next week.
  5. Drink at least 64 ounces of water each day. B, I did drink more than before, but I didn’t hit 63 ounces every day.

 This Week’s Goals:

  1. Don’t weigh until Monday (again).
  2. Track my points every day.  My friend at work and I have a deal where we have to track every day.  If we miss a day, whoever misses will have to go up and down all four flights of stairs at work three times in a row.  That should help keep me focused.
  3. Non-running exercise three days this week.  Anything other than running (I’m taking at least this full week off to let my legs recover from the race).
  4. Foam roll at least four times this week.
  5. Eat a vegetable or fruit with every meal and snack.

I am hoping this downward trend continues.  I am afraid that I have a physiological or psychological barrier to getting below 170.  I tried on my costume (Ariel) for the Princess Half Marathon and although it is awesome (!!), it will look better if I lose a little more in the next month.   I really want to love the photos, which might be easier if I’m another 5-10 pounds lighter.  Running clothes aren’t very forgiving!

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