Monday Update – only one day late

Weight: 168.4

Monday – Ran 4 miles
Wednesday – Ran 3 miles
Thursday – Circuit training class – 45 minutes
Saturday – Ran 12.5 miles (Yay!!)

I tracked my points every day, didn’t use any of my flex points and only some of my activity points.  I continued to try to eat extra fruits and veggies.  I am starting to think that I’m not eating enough of my points and it’s slowing my weight loss.  I didn’t lose (or gain) anything this week.  That’s ok, but I worked really hard exercising and eating well.  I’m going to try to eat all of my activity points this week and some of my flex points and see what that does. 

Last Week’s Goals:

  1. Track my points every day.  A :  I tracked every day. 
  2. Run three times.  A+ : I got all three runs in including my last long run before the Princess Half.  
  3. Do cross training two times.  B : I went to one circuit training class but skipped the other cross training because I wanted to be fresh for the long run.  Plus, during my son’s nap on Friday (when I was planning to cross train), I decided to do my taxes instead. 
  4. Foam roll every day. – D:  I did foam roll a few times, but not as often as I should have.
  5. Eat at least 5 fruits and vegetables every day. B : I’m improving but not where i need to be yet.

 Next Week’s Goals:

  1. Track my points every day.
  2. Run three times. 
  3. Do cross training two times.
  4. Foam roll every day.
  5. Eat all my activity points.

I’m in the taper for the Princess half.  This is the time where all the real work and miles have been done, and it’s time to reduce the mileage so my legs are fresh and raring to go for the race.  I’ve already started packing (my family thinks I’m crazy!).

I also signed up for another half marathon in December, the Space Coast.  I’ll be perfectly honest that I signed up because the medal is awesome.

If you do three races in the five year period, you get an extra medal and if you do all five, you get one more.  Seven medals for five races and they all have space shuttles on them.  Awesome. 

My racing goal this year is to do one race a month.

January – Newnan’s Lake 15k
February – Princess Half Marathon
March – Gate River Run 15k
April – Local FICPA Tax Day 5k
May – Expedition Everest 5k and scavenger hunt
June, July, August, September, October – Probably local 5ks or 10ks
November – Wine & Dine Half Marathon
December – Space Coast Half Marathon

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