National Running Day Giveaway!! $100 Gift Card

Today is National Running Day!  To celebrate, five of us got together and pooled our resources to come up with an awesome giveaway!  $100 giftcard to either Disney, Amazon or SparkleSkirts, the winner gets to pick!


You don’t have to be a runner to win (there won’t be a one mile fitness test either!), just go to the Rafflecopter widget below and get started.  I’m so excited to be teaming up with four other great bloggers and can’t wait to see who wins this prize!  Check out my partners in awesomeness Patty at No Guilt Life, Anne at Outrunning the Fork, Jennifer at Runs With Pugs and Cara at Running In Sanity.

If you want to find more amazing running blogs to follow for inspiration, tips and funny memes, join us at Run Blog Society, a really low key, no drama Facebook Group.  Easy to scroll through the blog posts to find one that speaks to you, bloggers welcome and blog readers even more welcome!

Other than entering this pretty spectacular contest, what are you doing to celebrate National Running Day?  Please don’t judge me, but I’m actually taking a rest day today but I promise to run tomorrow (if the knee that got all annoyed with me during my repeats on Monday feels better).

Good luck and Happy National Running Day!!

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National Running Day Giveaway!! $100 Gift Card — 21 Comments

    • Thanks! Awesome job on the Tough Mudder!! Hope you were able to have a pain free run!

    • Woo Hoo! Straight running WIN! Good luck on your Goofy training!!

    • That’s exciting. My oldest isn’t interested in running, but the youngest loves to play running and racing!

    • Thanks! I do find that running provides a lot of stress relief for me too!

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