New Be Our Guest Lunch Reservations

On my last trip to Walt Disney World, I was able to score reservations (in Disney lingo: ADRs or Advance Dining Reservations) to Be Our Guest for both breakfast and lunch.  I had two very different experiences and wanted to share them with you guys (and gals).  We’ll cover lunch today and the new breakfast later this week!

IMG_1275A little over a year ago, I ate lunch at Be Our Guest for the first time using what they called a FastPass+ reservation that was only available if you were staying on Disney property.  I had a great experience (read about it here) and ended up going back on several trips, loving it every time.

I was really excited to learn that Be Our Guest was joining the ADR system so that it would be easier to get lunch reservations, especially if you’re staying off site or at the Swan and Dolphin.  I was thrilled to get a lunch ADR for the Sunday that Eli and I arrived.  Unfortunately, we had a less than magical experience this time.

Our reservation was at 11:40, so we got in line to check in at 11:20 (typically, most Disney restaurants recommend that you arrive 15 minutes early).  They scanned our magic bands and then notified us that we’d have to wait until 11:35 before we could check in.  I wasn’t thrilled that they had different rules than the other ADR restaurants, but we stood to the side and waited in the Florida sun.  I snagged a menu from them to review while we waited to check in.  I watched other guests come up and ask about walk-ups.  Most were told that they weren’t seating walk-ups, but every now and then (presumably based on the length of the line to order inside), they’d let a party (ranging from two guests to seven guests) without reservations go ahead and go into the restaurant.  I have to admit that I was a bit annoyed that I had to wait to check in because I had a reservation while they were seating guests without reservations who walked up after we did.

Finally, 11:35 rolled around and we were able to check in and walk over the bridge to get in line to order.  If you haven’t been for breakfast or lunch before, it’s a different method of ordering.  You wait in a line to have a hostess direct you to a kiosk.  Some are self serve, where you use the touch screen and your magic band to order and then you can pay with your magic band or credit card.  Some are staffed by a Cast Member who enters your order for you and accepts payment by magic band, credit card or cash.  IMG_1280We placed our order and found a table in the gorgeous ballroom which is still breathtaking, no matter how many times I see it.  The servers find you and bring you your food either by tracking your magic band or a plastic rosette they give you if you don’t have a magic band.  Because it was crowded and it was just me and Eli, I didn’t want to leave our table to get our drinks and silverware until after our food was delivered which seemed to take a bit longer than normal (about ten minutes).

IMG_1293While I ordered the same thing I usually do (a grilled ham and cheese), I was really disappointed with it on this trip.  The sandwich was cold and soggy.  Eli got the kids grilled cheese which he loved but when I took a bite I thought it was stale and just gross.  On the plus side, the Master’s Cupcake was absolutely divine (the grey stuff is always delicious!).

IMG_1289 IMG_1290 IMG_1291So, it wasn’t an awful experience, just disappointing because I have always had such wonderful meals there in the past.

Luckily, just two days later, I had a wonderful breakfast at Be Our Guest!  We made reservations for 8am on a Tuesday that the Magic Kingdom didn’t open until 9am.  I’d never actually been able to do pre-park opening ADRs before.  Stay tuned for that review!


  • Breakfast and lunch are still counted as Quick Service (QS) meals if you’re on the dining plan.
  • If you have an ADR, plan to arrive no more than five minutes early.
  • If you don’t have an ADR, it never hurts to check to see if they can seat you.  Generally it seemed like guests had a better chance of getting in without reservations if the lines to check in were short (the crowds seemed to rise and fall periodically).  If it’s important to you, stop by and check a few times during lunch hours.
  • If you’re the only adult dining with young children, try to pick up your silverware and drinks before you find your table.
  • If you have young children that are sensitive to spooky/dark settings, you’ll probably want to eat in the main ballroom and not in the West Wing (but definitely take a walk through or peek in if you can!).
  • Try the Master’s Cupcake!

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New Be Our Guest Lunch Reservations — 14 Comments

    • Yum that Grey Stuff! I’m so glad you had a great experience!

  1. Hi, new reader here! 🙂 Thanks for the review! I’ve had dinner at BOG once, and lunch twice…and, honestly, it never seems to live up to my expectations. But, like you said, the restaurant itself is MAGNIFICENT, and to me, that makes it all worth it! I’m looking forward to reading more about your breakfast experience! 🙂
    Jennifer @ The Final Forty recently posted…Wanted: Taper TipsMy Profile

    • Welcome! Between the ambiance and the deserts, I still think the restaurant is well worth it! Breakfast was very good, so stay tuned! 🙂

  2. I had lunch there last week. It took 20 minutes for our food to come out, and the lady passed our table. I guess they couldn’t locate my husband’s magic band, but luckily we saw the food go by and ran her down.
    Angie recently posted…Potty trainingMy Profile

    • Ha, I wonder if we had the same cast member. Ours just stood there looking confused for a while. That’s never happened there before, usually they beeline straight to our table!

  3. I am interested to see how it works when you pre-order food. I have been to BOG for lunch quite a few times now and the pre-ordering of food has never worked for us and i think the ordering system takes forever. We will be back in June and I got us reservations for breakfast, lunch and dinner! haha. I am so excited to try breakfast and cant wait to read your review!

    • I didn’t see a food pre-order option when we did the ADR last time but I would love to try it if they roll it out again! I did love my breakfast there!

  4. So much at WDW seems needlessly complicated. I’m sure there are all kinds of efficiency experts figuring out how to move the largest number of people possible as quickly as possible through the system, but as a guest, it’s stressful! Sometimes I think I’d like to take another trip there, but then I read things like this and I think I may opt for traveling to less difficult places.
    Jen recently posted…Cosmo 7K Race ReportMy Profile

    • I’m thinking that some of the stuff at WDW has to be more complicated just because of the fact that they have such big crowds. Having gone there for so many years, while some of the reservations and advanced planning can be a bear, I will say that it’s made the experience a lot better overall. We rarely wait in lines for more than 10 minutes now and typically do a lot in any given trip!

  5. Sorry to hear that it was a little disappointing meal wise this time. I’m still unsure how I feel about reservations for quick service. I mean, waiting a hour in line to eat there isn’t a good experience either, but with so many things needing reservation, it can be a bummer sometimes. But a necessary thing with the popularity at times. I like the test they were doing with preordering food, that if I’m going to have to reserver for a quick service, make it even quicker in that way.

    I do love the “go sit and we’ll ‘magically’ find you and bring your food”. As a tech person, I love a lot of the uses of the magic bands they are and can do with them. Some of the advancements are a little trial and error. They’re not afraid to try and test something new. And for the most part, they’re willing to back out when they don’t work.
    John @ run. geek. run(disney) recently posted…runDisney Training with Jeff Galloway | Magical MickeyMy Profile

    • No one’s perfect all the time! And I suspect they’re still working out a few kinks with the new ADR rollout for lunch. I do like the preorder option although I don’t think they had that tied to the new system.