Packing for a runDisney Race Trip – Wine & Dine

I had my first race anxiety dream for Wine & Dine last night.  I got to the corrals and had no running clothes and no running shoes.  Ack, like most dreams, it was much more frightening than it sounds. So I got my 12 mile training run done this morning and decided that the best way for me to handle my subconscious race stress is to write out a comprehensive packing list.  I learned from the weeks leading up to the Princess Half that these dreams will continue until I get it down in writing. 

I tend to pack in extremes.  I either bring way too much or I go to the other extreme and don’t pack essential things I need.  For trips that combine Disney, family and racing, the packing gets complicated and I find that having a list prepared well in advance saves me a lot of crazy running around while we’re packing the car.

For Wine & Dine, it will just be me and my husband, so that helps a lot (no diapers, toys, stuffed animals or sippy cups!!!).  We’re staying two nights at Port Orleans French Quarter and doing two days in the parks and one day just hanging out at the resort.

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Here’s my packing list:

  • For the Expo:
    • Money!
    • Signed waiver.
    • PHM race shirt.
    • Purple swirl Sparkle Tech
  • For the Race:
    • Basics:
      • My running shoes (ASICS Nimbus 14)
      • Sports bra 
      • Running underwear
      • Bondi Band headband
      • Chapstick (I’m loving vanilla cupcake flavor!)
      • Rock Tape 
      • Body Glide
      • Rubber bands for my hair
      • Safety pins (just in case)
    • Costume:
      • Black KT tape to cover my shoes (to make them look black)
      • Gemstone Sparkle Skirt
      • Tank top with Animal on it.
      • Costume accessories (wrist bands, hair chalk, arm sleeves)
      • Black compression socks (from Bondi Bands)
    • Electronics:
      • Garmin
      • Garmin charger cord
      • Ipod Nano
      • Ipod Nano charger cord
    • Fuel:
      • Honey Stinger Chews
      • Energy Bits (for right before the race)
      • Luna protein bar (to eat in the corrals)
      • Disposable water bottle (for the corrals)
      • Gu Packs
      • NUUN tabs
    • Husband’s after-party ticket
    • After race drawstring bag – from PHM (contents in a separate post)
  • For the Parks/Resort:
    • Magic Bands
    • Disney gift cards and more money!
    • Purse/wallet/id/credit cards, etc.
    • Black Pearl Sparkle Skirt
    • Black t-shirt
    • Tiara Blue Sparkle Skirt
      • The shirt I’ll be wearing with this will be purchased at the Expo
    • 3 pairs underwear
    • Bra
    • 3 pairs of socks
    • Bathing suit (easy to forget when it’s not summer)
    • Headbands
    • Moisturizer
    • Crystal deodorant
    • Razor
    • Night guard
    • Compression socks for recovery
    • Advil
    • Hiking shoes
    • Flip flops
    • PJs
    • Makeup
    • Sunscreen
    • Toothbrush
    • Floss
    • Flonase spray
    • Blister bandaids
    • Contact lens case & solution
    • Extra pair of contact lenses
    • Glasses
    • Zip-lock bags
    • All the above stuff for my darling husband 
      • Well, no sparkle skirts for him 🙂
    • Cell phone
    • Cell phone charger
    • Laptop
    • Laptop charger
    • Camera
    • Camera Charger
    • The Stick

This is just my packing list that is specific to me and to the Wine & Dine night race.  Some other things to consider include:

  • Knee or other braces
  • For early morning races, consider bringing some throw away warm clothes (or a robe or blanket) in case it is cold in the corrals
    • Disney collects the throwaways and donates them so it really isn’t as wasteful as it sounds
  • Prescription medications
  • Biofreeze
  • Toe caps, nip guards, vaseline, whatever you use to keep chafing at bay
  • Fuel belt or race bib holder if you use that
  • Water belt and bottles or camelback if you use that
  • Phone holder if you use one
  • Road ID (I really NEED one!)
  • Sunglasses ( I cannot stand running with anything on my face)
  • Hat or visor
  • Handana, bandana or tissues if you have nose running issues when you run
  • Proof of time if you need to update your corral at the Expo (not an option starting in 2014)
  • For winter races, cold weather gear is important just in case (it can get down below freezing in Orlando in the winter):
    • gloves
    • hat
    • long sleeved shirt option or arm sleeves
    • tights or pants
  • On the other hand, if you’re used to running in upstate New York in February, keep in mind that Orlando in the winter can also be in the upper 70’s, so make sure to bring some hot weather running options:
    • short sleeved shirt or tank
    • shorts
    • It really pained me to see people running in long sleeves and long pants at the 2013 Princess Half last February when it was so hot and humid so make sure you have options no matter what the weather forecast is – in Florida we have a saying: “If you don’t like the weather, wait 30 minutes, it will change!”  And it is true!
  •  Rain poncho or garbage bags
    • I figure, if it’s raining in the corrals, it will be raining at the race.  Of course if it’s 40 degrees and raining I’ll be wishing I’d brought something to keep me dry before the race, so maybe I should shift this up to my actual list…
  • If you’re running more than one race (5k, 10k, Goofy, Dopey) you’ll need to add lots more on the race packing front.  Basically multiply most of the clothes and fuel by however many races you’re planning on running on your trip.

It’s also a really important thing to remember to carry on (luckily, I live close enough to WDW to drive) instead of checking anything that is critical to you on race day if you have to fly.  That would include anything that would be difficult or expensive to replace at Disney, like your costume, sports bra, running shoes, garmin and charger, ipod and charger, camera/cell phone and chargers, contact lenses, park or after party tickets.  

I know it’s early to be thinking of this but I’m a planner and Wine and Dine is four weeks away.  FOUR WEEKS!  I’m getting excited!  Only one (or maybe two) more long runs and then it is taper time! 

Anything I missed? 


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  1. April, you forgot to say your Sparkle skirts have to be carried on. Can’t risk those either! LOL. I seriously have already started figuring out what I will wear AFTER the PHM, that will match with my medal! 😉 I am not looking forward to the race dreams. I got them quite a bit before my last 10K, so I cannot imagine before my first half!