Friday Five: Independence Day!

Today’s Friday Five linkup today with Cynthia at You Signed Up for What, Mar at Mar on the Run and Courtney at Eat Pray Run DC is about the 4th of July.  I’m taking the Independence Day aspect and turning it around to declare my independence from the things holding me back!  So I’m taking the Declaration of Independence and adapting it to my own Declaration (with apologies to our founding fathers) with a list … Continue reading

Sweetwater Wetlands Park

The City of Gainesville recently opened an amazing new nature park, Sweetwater Wetlands Park.  While the park itself is amazing, the partnership behind it is even more interesting. Several years ago, the City’s utility was informed that it needed to reduce the nutrients in the treated water from the wastewater treatment plant.  The treated water is pumped into the Sweetwater Creek which flows through to the aquifer.  The excess nutrients are not healthy for the … Continue reading

TotR: 2015 Goals Update

I’m hoping that Patty from My No-Guilt Life and Erika from MCM Mama Runs have better news to report than I do for today’s Tuesdays on the Run topic: 2015 Goals Update. Back in January, we all shared our goals for 2015 (here are mine) and six months later, we’re revisiting them to see how we did.  Here are the goals I set for this year and how I’ve done so far (spoiler alert…not so … Continue reading

Harambe Market at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

We discovered the new Harambe Market at Disney’s Animal Kingdom on our last visit and I just fell in love with the atmosphere and all the details that the Imagineers worked into the area. We were enjoying the morning Extra Magic Hours a couple of weeks ago and stumbled onto this area when we were leaving Kilimanjaro Safaris.  It’s located in Africa and definitely meets a need for more “themed” quick service dining at Animal … Continue reading

Challenge Race Tips

For this week’s Tuesdays on the Run, Patty from My No-Guilt Life, Erika from MCM Mama Runs and I are exploring the art and science of running challenge races.  The most famous of these is the runDisney Dopey challenge consisting of a 5k, 10k, Half and Full on consecutive days.  I’m not quite up to even thinking about tackling that monster, but I have done several challenges, mostly consisting of a 10k and then a … Continue reading

TotR: Running Alone vs. In a Group

This week’s Tuesdays on the Run is all about whether you prefer running solo or in a group.  Patty from My No-Guilt Life, Erika from MCM Mama Runs and I are excited to host the discussion, but we’re especially looking forward to reading about your take on it. I’m a classic introvert.  Every single personality test I’ve ever done puts me smack dab in the Sheldon Cooper zone.  People may be necessary but they sure … Continue reading

TotR: Hot Weather Running Tips (Florida Version)

Join us for today’s Tuesdays on the Run linkup with Patty from My No-Guilt Life, Erika from MCM Mama Runs.  Today we explore how to cope with the heat of summer running. I know some people just love to run in the summertime.  Most of those people live in climates where the winters are harsh and long and the joy of running without tons of gear (things that are foreign to me like neck gaiters … Continue reading

TotR: Running Breaks

For this week’s Tuesdays on the Run, Patty from My No-Guilt Life, Erika from MCM Mama Runs and I are taking the proverbial path less traveled to discuss running breaks.  It was kind of funny that when this topic was brought up, all three of us just happened to be in the middle of a break from our running schedules. I’ve taken running breaks for a variety of reasons.  Sometimes it’s a planned taper that … Continue reading

TotR: Compression Gear (love it or leave it?)

For Tuesdays on the Run, Patty from My No-Guilt Life, Erika from MCM Mama Runs and I are sharing our thoughts on compression gear.  You know, that running gear that you have to shimmy into like those high school jeans.  There’s a huge variety available, from socks to pants to shirts and just about everything in between. I’ve only ever tried compression socks and compression sleeves (contrary to what you may think, sleeves are not … Continue reading