Expedition Everest 5K & Scavenger Hunt 2013 – Race Recap Part 2

In my last post, I recapped the Expedition Everest Packet Pickup and Pre-Race festivities.  On to the exciting race!  Here is the official course map: Photo Credit:  RunDisney This map is just for the 5k portion.  We started in the parking lot, ran around the outside of the parking lot and right before the entrance we encountered our first obstacle, the hay bales.  It was a series of maybe 5 or 6 hay bales that … Continue reading

Expedition Everest 5K & Scavenger Hunt 2013 – Race Recap Part 1

My 13 year old son, Alex, and I signed up as a team to explore the Himalayas, outrace the Yeti and solve the clues to conquer the Expedition Everest 5K & Scavenger Hunt at Animal Kingdom.  It’s my second RunDisney race and Alex’s first race ever.  Photo Credit: RunDisney On Friday, we drove down after lunch (during the toddler’s nap) and went straight to what I call the Expo, but is more properly called Packet … Continue reading

Running Costumes – $10 Costume Sale

My Facebook Running Costumes page tipped me off to an awesome $10 costume sale at Buycostumes.com.  I just love halloween and dressing up in costumes.  One of the reasons I picked the Princess Half as my first big race was that it provided the opportunity to run in a princess costume.  As an adult (and a CPA) it’s hard to find many opportunities to dress up without getting too many weird looks.  So, here are … Continue reading

Sunday Update – 4/28/13

Weight: 170.2 (hello from the plateau) This plateau is just killing me.  I’m having trouble figuring out if I’m sabotaging myself or if my body is just fighting to hold onto the weight right now for some reason.   Work is getting really insane and stressful but luckily I’m heading to Disney Friday for the Expedition Everest 5k and Scavenger Hunt.  I refuse to diet at Disney (maybe I should move there) so I don’t … Continue reading

Exciting RunDisney News for Princess Half Marathon Weekend!

Yesterday, RunDisney outdid themselves with two exciting announcements.  First, there is a new special edition Coast to Coast (C2C) medal with pink accents and a pink/purple ribbon that you can only get if you do the Tinkerbell Half Marathon and Princess Half Marathon in 2014.  photo credit: RunDisney I’m not sure if “special edition” means 2014 only or if this will be offered every year.  It’s pretty awesome since I’m actually going to be able … Continue reading

Favorite Things Fridays – Shoes

The non-runner’s philosophy is that to be a runner, all you really need is a pair of running shoes.  I’ll pause for a moment while all the runners finish laughing…  Somehow this simple sport has evolved to include a limitless array of accessories, supplies and tools.   But at the end of the day, the most important thing you need to be a successful (un-injured) runner is still those running shoes.  They are (literally and metaphorically) … Continue reading

Running Tips – Training Plans

In this post, I described how to pick your first race.  Once you’ve picked out the race you want to run, it’s time to figure out precisely how you’re going to get trained up to go the distance.  There are a lot of training plans and programs out there and (in a refrain you’ll hear a lot in the running community) what works best for one person won’t necessarily be the best for another person.  … Continue reading

Sunday Update – 4/21/13

Weight: 171.0 Quick update.  Awful week at work.  Lots of stress eating.  I ran on Monday and Saturday.  I skipped circuit training this week because my work schedule was insane.  I also pulled an ab muscle the week before and wanted to let it heal.  I did The Firm Cardio Sculpt today and did lots of ab work and it felt fine, so it must be healed up.  I got back on the wagon today, … Continue reading

Race Report – NCF FICPA Running the #’s 5k

The NCF FICPA is the local chapter of the Florida Institute of CPA’s.  I am a past president of this chapter.  The run is to raise money for the scholarship fund for accounting students and to celebrate the first weekend after Tax Day.  This is the inaugural run of this race, so it was exciting to be a part of it. The run was held at Westside Park, which is a popular location for local … Continue reading

Favorite Things Fridays – Boston Edition

I thought that it would be appropriate to highlight some of the great products that have come out this week that are being sold as fundraisers or given away in support of the victims of the Boston Marathon attack. The one item I just purchased is a black v-necked t-shirt from Raw Threads.  They are donating 100% of the proceeds to The One Fund Boston, Inc. which is a charity set up by Massachusetts’ Governor, … Continue reading