Sunday Update – 4/14/13

Weight: 171.0 OK, so that’s down a little, but not much.  Of course I had a few setbacks this week.  My husband has had some problems with his achilles tendons for the last 5-6 weeks and in the last week it got BAD.  He has seen two doctors for it and was just prescribed rest and advil.  Well, last Friday, he walked the 1.5 mile round trip with me and the toddler to pick up … Continue reading

Shieldmaiden Saturday – Walk to Mordor Update

A few weeks ago, in this post, I explained about the Walk to Mordor group I’ve joined, tracking our miles along with Frodo and Sam on the way to destroy the one ring and back. One of the awesome things about this group is that the only rules are to have fun and be nice to one another.  Although all miles are allowed, including biking miles, I’ve decided to only include the miles I walk … Continue reading

Favorite Things Fridays – GPS running devices

When I ran BC (before children) 15 years ago, I figured out my distance by driving my route in a car and using the odometer.  Then, while running, I used a digital watch with a timer setting (or sometimes just looked at the clock when I left and when I got home).  I was able to figure out my pace pretty well, but it was hard to know if I was maintaining my pace well … Continue reading

Sunday Update – 4/7/13

Weight: 171.6  Seriously???  This is ridiculous!  I have been just about perfect this week and I GAIN weight??? OK, now that my hissy fit is done, I guess I can calm down and analyze the situation.  This may be just a temporary bump due to hormones or from the increased circuit training I’ve been doing.  My entire body is sore and it seems I read somewhere that when you’re sore like that you retain extra … Continue reading

Shieldmaiden Saturday – Walk to Mordor Update

As I explained in detail here, I’m participating in a facebook group that is tracking our walking and running along with the hobbits’ travels in Lord of the Rings.  We started April 1 and so far, I’ve gone 15.7 miles.  The hobbits traveled 18 miles their first day, so I’m still on their first day, not even to their first camp.  They haven’t even seen the first black rider yet. It’s funny to me how … Continue reading

Favorite Things Friday – Running Fuel

When I was running 15 years ago, the closest thing to running fuel used to keep your energy up during a long run was Gatorade.  Maybe there were some gels or something available, but because the internet was new (can you imagine…how did people obsess about things back then?) and I was young and only a casual runner, I didn’t know about them.  In fact, the first half marathon I ran (walked, cried), only had … Continue reading

Sunday Update – 3/31/13

Weight: 169.4 I was actually 95% on my diet plan and 100% on my exercise plan this week, so why didn’t I lose weight?  I have a few theories.  First, I did just lose 5 pounds on phase 1 of South Beach the week before this one.  Switching to phase II is always a little tricky.  I may have future success with how I’ve been eating this week, but my body may need a little … Continue reading

Shieldmaiden Saturday – To Mordor and Back

I think I’ll use Saturdays as my update day for a walking/running Facebook challenge my cousin has started called Walk to Mordor.  It is a Lord of the Rings themed exercise challenge.  I am a terrible nerd.  Not the cool geek-chic, but just a book-loving, introverted nerd.  As such, I love the Lord of the Rings books and movies.  I think this is a clever, fun idea that I am excited about starting.  The official … Continue reading

Favorite Things Friday – Running Clothes

In the last year, as I’ve evolved from a couch potato to a walker to a runner, I’ve discovered a few favorite things through research and trial & error that I’d like to share.  I’ll be doing “Favorite Things Fridays” to document my favorite things in different categories.  Running is supposed to be the simplest sport, just lace up some shoes and go for a run outside.  That may work for some people, but there … Continue reading

Sunday Update – 03/24/13

Weight: 169.2 I spent five days on Phase 1 of the South Beach Diet this week, to reset myself after a month of being off track.  I used the half marathon as an excuse to carbo-load the week before and while I was at Disney (I refuse to diet on vacation) and then got sick after I got home, then I had a 15K.  I ended up gaining 5 lbs during the month, but have … Continue reading