Monday Update 1/24/13

Weight: 169.8 – I’m below my plateau of 170.  I think not weighing myself all week helped. Activity:Monday – Ran 4 milesWednesday – Ran 4.3 milesSaturday – Ran 9.3 miles Diet:I tracked my points every day, didn’t use any of my flex points and only some of my activity points.  I added a vegetable to most of my dinners and even tried two new broccoli recipes.  I usually hate broccoli, but they were pretty good.  … Continue reading

Race Report – Newnans Lake 15K

I ran the Newnan’s Lake 15K this morning.  I figured it would be a good test of my race pace on a longer distance.  The race started at 8:30 and I got there around 8:00.  Parking was a little crazy, but I found a nice spot on the grass right near the exit.  I hopped in the line for the ladies’ room.  It was a 10 minute wait, but that’s pretty normal for a race.  … Continue reading

Monday Update

Weight 170.6 Activity this week:Tuesday – Ran 4 milesSaturday – Walk Away the Pounds DVD – 4 miles (about one hour) Diet this week:I tracked Weight Watchers points every day.  I used all my daily points and all my activity points, but only a few of my weekly flex points. I tried to focus on whole foods, fruits, veggies and lean protein.  Any carbs I had were complex carbs like old fashioned oatmeal or whole … Continue reading

Racing for Beginners – Picking your first race

Learning from My Mistakes: Since I’ve started running again, I’ve only run one race, a 10k Turkey Trot (1:07 clock finish).  However, I started my running career in my twenties, before kids.  And, in my inimitable style, my very first race ever was a half marathon.  Really.  And it was a local one, out and back along a country road with three water stops.  The only entertainment was trying to avoid the roadkill along the … Continue reading

Almost half way there

For the last four months, my weight has stabilized between 170 and 173.  The good news is I’m not gaining.  The bad news is that I’m still 35 pounds away from my goal weight.  I’m only 5’3”, so my goal weight of 138 is just barely in the normal weight range.  I think I have a psychological barrier that is keeping me from breaking under 170.  170 = obese.  169 = merely overweight.  Now I … Continue reading


I love Disney.  I mean, I LOVE Disney.  I grew up in Jacksonville, just three hours Northeast of the mouse and currently live even closer.  I can’t count the number of trips I’ve taken.  One of my best childhood memories is when they picked my family to get a sneak peek at Epcot during its construction.  I recently celebrated my first annual 39th birthday.  I am married with two sons, 13 years old and 2 … Continue reading