Race Report – NCF FICPA Running the #’s 5k

The NCF FICPA is the local chapter of the Florida Institute of CPA’s.  I am a past president of this chapter.  The run is to raise money for the scholarship fund for accounting students and to celebrate the first weekend after Tax Day.  This is the inaugural run of this race, so it was exciting to be a part of it.

The run was held at Westside Park, which is a popular location for local races.  Florida is flat flat flat.  And yet there is this hill in town.  Pretty much the only hill in town.  And this race goes up the hill.  I am a huge wimp about hills because I just don’t train on them.

After a couple of really hot weeks, a cold front came through last night and brought a bunch of rain.  Remember, this is Florida, so when I say cold it was in the mid-fifties, but add some cold rain to that and it was kind of miserable.  I knew I wouldn’t want to run in a jacket, but my hands were freezing!

I started with a couple of friends, but I knew I wanted to run my own race to see what I could do.  I pulled ahead pretty soon and settled into a good pace, around 9:30 minute miles.  There was a pretty young kid who really didn’t want me to pass him, but I managed to get around him and then it was time to power up the hill.  I swear it felt like climbing stairs, it was that steep.  Whew, that was rough!  After that we ran through a neighborhood with a little up and down sections, then back onto a major road with lots of rolling hills.  Not too steep, but ugh!  The rain started getting heavier in the second half of the run too.  I managed to pass about five more people and no one passed me, so I was feeling pretty good.

I ended up finishing just under 29 minutes.  My PR for this distance is 28:11, but that was a flat route.  My goal was to get under 30 minutes which I was happy to have accomplished.  I sometimes have a hard time pushing myself to my best times during a race because I’m afraid I’ll overdo it and embarrass myself in some way when I’m in a public race setting.

The most awesome part was that I ended up WINNING my age group!  And although it was a small race, there were at least two other women in my age group because they announced a second and third place winner too.  I got a great metal water bottle with the race logo on it as the award.

Here’s the route:


Race Report – NCF FICPA Running the #’s 5k — 2 Comments

  1. That hill is a KILLER! I trained on that hill in preparation for the Princess’ Water Bridge Hill and Overpasses – it’s what saved me!
    Granted, I am much slower than you, and I WALK that hill, but it still makes me feel badass every time I get to the top of it!
    Hmm…. I think I may go hit that hill tomorrow!

    • It is a pretty awful hill, especially for flat as a pancake Florida! I’m running it again on July 4 for the Melon Run 3 miler and I really need to get out there sometime before then to prepare but I somehow haven’t managed to get myself motivated to face that hill since the last race. I’m impressed that you tackle it voluntarily, but I bet it did make those Princess overpasses seem like gentle inclines in comparison 🙂