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As a worrier, sometimes it is tempting to try to stay safe all the time, but that’s not possible (you never know where a meteor is going to land, right?) and it’s really no way to enjoy life.  Risk is out there, you just have to be smart.


Running outside is not as safe as indoor running, but it sure is a lot more fun.  If I had to do my running on a treadmill, I guarantee I would have quit by now.  Running outside just restores me and the time goes by so much faster with ever changing scenery to distract me.

Running outside does have its share of dangers:

  • Cars
  • Crazy people
  • Weather (hot, cold, storms)
  • Animals (dogs, wildlife)

Some tips to stay safe out there:

  • Stay aware of your surroundings
  • Run without headphones, or keep just one earbud in
  • Make eye contact with people around you
  • I carry pepper spray, but that is a matter of personal preference
  • Run facing traffic (against traffic) and make eye contact with drivers before crossing in front of cars
  • Let someone know where you’re going and when you expect to be back
  • Carry ID in case of an accident

I used to have to remember to carry my driver’s license and then I got smart and got a RoadID.  RoadID is a convenient way to carry identification 24/7 or just on the run.  They have three different styles of bracelets along with a couple of options for shoe tags, ankle tags or necklace tags (like dog tags).  Speaking of dog tags, they offer tags for your pets too.

I got the Wrist ID Slim which came with a silicone bracelet (kind of like those live strong bracelets) which is offered in a variety of sizes.  It also comes with a laser engraved metal plate that attaches over the bracelet and is removable.  I had my metal plate engraved with my full name, my husband’s name and cell phone, my mom’s name and phone, my home phone and the fact that I have an allergy to sulfa antibiotics.  I also splurged on two mini bars that I had engraved to say SUCK IT UP and BUTTERCUP, because that’s my personal mantra when my runs get rough.  I got several extra silicone bands in different colors (black, purple, green, white and blue) because I like to coordinate with my different race outfits.  The metal plate and bars all are removable, so it’s easy to switch out the bracelets.

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It is nice to know that (although I hope I’ll never need it) if I were to get injured or have an accident, the medical professionals that are taking care of me will know my allergies, know my identity and be able to contact my loved ones so they don’t worry.

RoadID has a free app for iPhones (I’m not sure about the availability for other phones) that does two things.  It lets you create a lock screen that is personalized with your emergency information and it also has a function that allows your family/friends to track your activity and receive an alert if your phone stops moving for a certain period of time while you’re on a run.

RoadID also offers other accessories to keep you visible and safe including flashing lights and reflective gear.

It’s important to stay safe while you’re exploring the great wide somewhere.  RoadID can partner with you to keep you safe while you’re out there!  If you want to learn more, explore their products here.

What is your best tip for staying safe in the great outdoors while running, biking and hiking?

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RoadID – Be Safe Out There — 4 Comments

    • I do really like mine, it’s comfortable and fairly life proof. I know they stand behind their products and will replace them if they break or if the engraving wears off. I’m thinking of getting one of the upgraded ones, but the slim is so comfortable and unobtrusive that I’m not in a hurry to try something new.

  1. I have one on my shoes, and it’s very unobtrusive but gives me peace of mind. It came super fast, too.

    • The shoe one looks really convenient! They seem to have great customer service, I got my delivery really quickly too!