RunDisney Princess Half Marathon Meetup

To keep myself motivated during the long training slog for the Princess, I did a lot of web searching for other Disney events.  One of the awesome events I learned about was the RunDisney meetups that are organized for Disney’s major races.  These are very limited events, for a lucky few runners that happen at the beginning of race weekend.

For the Princess half meetup, it will be in Epcot on Friday morning from 7am-9pm.  There will be a three mile run with Jeff Galloway who pioneered the run-walk-run method of running.  I really admire him as I think he’s legitimized walk breaks in distance racing and opened it up to a vast group of people who might never have had the confidence to become runners.  I know his method is to thank for me getting to the start (and hopefully finish) line with no major injuries.

Here’s a link to the details from the Disney Parks Blog post.

Fairytales to Come True at Princess Half Marathon Meet-Up

The event includes informative talks and exciting RunDisney giveaways (including the great shirts shown above).

To get into the event, there is a detailed strategy involving analyzing the prior timelines of the posting on the blog.  Typically it has been about a week before the meetup sometime between 9:30am and 3:30pm EST.  The event fills up in minutes (or faster) usually, so you have be alert, have your e-mail to RunDisney ready to go and stay vigilant! 

I decided that I NEEDED to attend this event.  We were previously planning on driving down Friday morning to get there around 10am.  If I got into this event, we’d have to go down Thursday night.  What a great excuse to justify the extra night’s expense!  I work 4-tens so I have Fridays off, which was perfect.  My husband is a teacher and they happened to have Friday off as well.  He took charge of the kids and I got set up in front of the laptop around 7am.  Refresh-wait-refresh-wait-refresh.  While I was waiting, I got my playlist completed for the race.  And checked Facebook.  And checked some blogs.  And read twitter feeds about #princesshalfmeetup.  And caught up on my DVR shows.

The high excitement and anticipation resulted in the Disney Blog crashing about every half hour.  9:30 came and went (I really expected the post to happen around then).  Then 11:30.  My husband insisted that we go to lunch as planned.  Argh, the humanity, I just knew that they would post on the blog while we were out.  After we got home, I anxiously checked and was relieved to find out that we were still waiting.

After 3:30, twitter and Facebook started buzzing about the delay.  People were posting the funniest tweets about it.  Around 4:30 people were less amused.  Just before 5pm, RunDisney tweeted that the villains had found out about the meetup and delayed the announcement until Monday.  There was lots of angst, but I was just glad to be off of high alert.  I had to work Monday, so I knew I would have to be super lucky to get in.

Monday morning, my toddler woke me up at 4:30 am, as usual and I puttered around with him for about an hour.  At 5:30 I checked the blog and got a huge shock.  The post was up.  It was posted around 1:30am EST.  I figured that it was already full since four hours had passed, but with shaking fingers tapped out a quick e-mail and sent it in.  Scanning Facebook and Twitter, it looked like there were only a few mentions of it so I started to get a little hope.  Around 10am, I got the e-mail from RunDisney with a big “Congratulations!”.  I was so excited to have been selected!!

Another 30 minutes later, I had secured the extra night in the Ft. Wilderness cabins and had shared the great news with my mom, husband and friends.   They only selected fifty people to participate and I am so grateful and thrilled to have this opportunity.  I am a bit anxious about going to a social event alone, but I think I just need to psych myself up and go there and smile and try to meet a few new people.

Look here for lots of photos and details later this week!


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  1. Thanks for reading, life and work got crazy after the race and it took me a while to update. The race was great, I’ve finally posted a four part recap!