Some More runDisney Speculation – WDW Star Wars?

For those of you who’ve had enough of the runDisney madness, I apologize in advance.  You may remember my post about getting disenchanted with runDisney a couple of weeks ago in which I bemoaned the fact that runDisney is terrible about keeping new races secret.  There ends up being tons of speculation and rumors about the race but nothing with the actual details officially announced until right before registration.

The Disneyland Star Wars race weekend just announced this week is no exception.  I first heard solid rumors about this race from a Cast Member at Disneyland when I was there for Tink way back in January who was “100% certain” about the race.  Guess she was right.  Wonder why it took runDisney over four months to actually announce the race?  They waited until everyone registered for the WDW weekend, Avengers and the new Castaway Cay challenge/cruise.  Then, less than two weeks before early registration they announced the Star Wars races at Disneyland.  I think they’ll be getting a good number of cruise cancellations and WDW weekend illicit bib sales and/or deferrals this year as people shift their plans to make it to the inaugural Star Wars weekend.

There have been rumors of two other race weekends.  The first one is the Disneyland Paris race (learn more about that one on Patty’s excellent post). The second rumor (might still just be in the speculation/wish phase) is that there will actually be a second Star Wars weekend series of races at Walt Disney World.  Then there could be a third special Coast 2 Coast medal with a Star Wars theme.  Can you hear the runDisney cash register going ka-ching?!?!

Now that I’ve gotten over my disappointment over missing the inaugural Star Wars weekend because it’ll be in California and we just can’t afford that airfare right now, I’m going to speculate because it’s kind of fun.

photo credit: runDisney

photo credit: runDisney

Here’s my speculation totally not based on fact but completely created through various rumors I’ve heard AND my own quite fertile imagination AND my own selfish wishes:

A second Star Wars themed race (maybe the dark side/Empire themed!) at WDW with the same 5k, 10k and Half Marathon schedule and with the Half at night.  Maybe maybe maybe even with an afterparty at Hollywood Studios.

The Florida Resident AP blackout dates for the spring of 2014 were April 12-25.  For the spring of 2015 they are March 28-April 10.  So I’m guessing it will be mid-March 2015, right before the spring break craziness hits.

The last sentence in this snippet from the runDisney website makes me wonder if they are foreshadowing the Dark Side race:rDsw1Yes, this may just be wishful thinking, but that would be just awesome!  So, what do you think?  Possible?  Probable?  Completely unlikely?  One thing we can be sure of is that runDisney won’t announce it (if it even exists) until after the DL SW weekend sells out (which will be faster than Han Solo made the Kessel Run!).


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  1. I had these same thoughts before the DL SW race was officially announced. Definitely a dark side challenge or something.

    • A Dark Side challenge would be awesome with a Death Star medal, an At-At medal and a Vader Helmet medal. #ComeToTheDarkSideWeHaveWDWRaces

    • Ha! I am just wildly speculating based on vague rumors to help comfort myself for the disappointment of the SW race DL announcement. If I can’t make it to DL, I can at least hope for a WDW version! I wish I was a runDisney insider, that’s for sure, then I could moderate their Facebook page! 🙂

    • Yeah, if I were able to run it, that would worry me. Even though my Tink half was abysmal (lots of poor choices on my part), I really loved running THROUGH both of the parks. I would not think it was cool to have to run a half just going through one park. I would especially not like finding that little bit out AFTER I registered. Luckily for me, I can’t afford to go to Disneyland anyways (silver linings right?)!

  2. I would love this if it were true. I am bummed I will miss Star Wars, but I am trying to fit into the calendar for 2016.
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    • At least 75% of my speculation is wishful thinking, LOL. I have heard some rumors rumbling around though. Enough to give me a little hope!

    • Living just up the turnpike from WDW, CA races are a special one-and-done treat for me. Since I just did Tink this year, no CA races for me for a while! I have no idea how valid they are, but I’ve heard rumors from several different sources that something is coming out in a few months. I just WANT it to be this! 🙂

  3. Good thoughts about when they could have an east coast race, but do you think they would actually have a Star Wars race just weeks after the Princess Half Marathon? The FL resident block out dates are based primarily on when Easter fall since that is the bulk of when there are school breaks, so I think an April race is more likely.

    • April would be great, just past spring break. Although I disagree because of the possibility of terribly hot/humid weather, otherwise it makes a lot of sense to have it at the beginning of May to coincide with Star Wars Weekends. They could do a night race with an afterparty at Hollywood Studios all SW themed!

  4. That is really encouraging. I hope this is true. I was very disappointed when they announced that it was going to be in Cali. Here’s hoping for a Florida race and you get special props for the Kessel run pun. 🙂 (BTW, fun fact about my husbands car.. he ordered a special license plate holder that says Kessel Run Pace Car 2011. heh heh)
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    • A lot of this is just wishful thinking on my part, but I have heard some rumors rumbling around. So we can hope at least! I can’t believe I’m going to have to miss the inaugural race in CA, but I don’t want to go to Disneyland without my family AGAIN and I cannot afford four plane tickets to CA! Love the license plate holder!

  5. Someone just posted on the RunDisney FB page a screenshot of a RunDisney Tweet stating: Never underestimate the power of the force. #empirechallengewdw #SWW2015. I’ve since been on Twitter and cannot find that Tweet on RunDisney’s page, so I’m hoping they just posted and took it off quickly.

    • I suspect it was a fake tweet. There have been several fake tweets that people photoshop to look like they are from runDisney. I am suscribed to runDisney’s tweets, so I get a text every time an official tweet goes out and that didn’t come across. Thanks for the heads up but I’m pretty sure it was bogus (some people think they are much funnier than they are). Still, I think we will see an empire challenge at WDW, I’m just not sure when!