runDisney Tink Packing List

I fly out to California first thing Sunday morning (tomorrow!!) and I have packed absolutely nothing so far.  Yikes!  This is the first race I’ve ever had to fly to get to.  I’m very lucky to live in North Central Florida, so I can drive to most of the races I want to run.  Which means I can pile my car full of whatever I want to take (like my Keurig machine, my foam roller and stick, my Ninja blender and full size toiletries).  I’m not used to having to pack everything I need in just a couple of bags.

To help me (and anyone else getting ready to hop a plane to Anaheim) plan my packing, here’s my packing list for the Tink Half and 10k (and some park days too!) * means it will be in my carryon or purse!:

  • For the plane ride:
    • My 10k running shoes (Alta Torins)
    • My black linen sparkleskirt
    • Comfy shirt
    • Light jacket
    • Compression socks (yes, I’ll be styling)
    • A book or two (Game of Thrones!)
  • For the Expo:
    • Money!*
    • Signed waiver* 
    • Peacock Earth sparkleskirt
    • Rundisney shirt from the PHM meetup
  • For the Races:
    • Basics:
      • My running shoes* (Nimbus 14 for the Half, Torin for the 10k)
      • Sports bras* (2)
      • Running underwear* (2)
      • Bondi Band headbands* (2)
      • Chapstick (I’m loving vanilla cupcake flavor!)
      • Rock Tape (everything is ok, just in case)
      • Body Glide (I need to remember to use it under my sportsbra, I always get bra strap chafing!)
      • Rubber bands for my hair
      • Bobby pins
      • Safety pins (just in case – I heard some Dopey runners didn’t get enough) 
      • Throw-away light jackets (I might run to goodwill for this today!)
        • Disney collects the throwaways and donates them so it really isn’t as wasteful as it sounds
      • RoadID*
    • 10k Costume (see a sneak peek here):
      • White Linen sparkleskirt*
      • Custom overlay*
      • Tech shirt with vinyl ironed on*
      • White compression socks*
      • Costume accessories* (mouse ears, arm sleeves, I need a spoon necklace or something)
    • Half Costume:
      •  Mudpie sparklesirt*
      • Orange tech shirt*
      • Tie dye orange leggings*
      • Costume accessories* (hmmm still unsure on the wings, maybe I’ll see if there are some at the expo)
    • Electronics:
      • Garmin*
      • Garmin charger cord*
      • Ipod Nano* (my backup if the shuffle doesn’t work)
      • Ipod Nano charger cord*
      • Ipod shuffle & charger*
      • Iphone*
      • Iphone charger* (yes I have too many electronics)
    • Fuel:
      • Honey Stinger Chews* (I wonder if TSA considers them a gel/liquid?)
      • Energy Bits (for right before the race)
      • Luna protein bar (to eat in the corrals)
      • NUUN tabs
    • Drawstring bag for bagcheck – from PHM (contents in a separate post)
  • For the Parks/Resort:
    • Disneyland ticket*
    • More money!*
    • Purse/wallet/id/credit cards, etc.*
    • Passport as an extra form of ID for the airport*
    • Black Pearl Sparkle Skirt*
    • Tiara Blue Sparkle Skirt*
    • Thunder Goddess Sparkle Skirt* (yes, all the SS go in my carryon!)
    • Some shirts (although I’ll get plenty at the Expo I’m sure!)
    • Underwear
    • Bra
    • Socks
    • Bathing suit (easy to forget when it’s not summer)
    • Moisturizer
    • Crystal deodorant
    • Razor
    • Night guard
    • Compression socks for the flight home
    • Advil
    • Hiking shoes (my super comfy shoes)
    • PJs
    • Makeup
    • Sunscreen
    • Toothbrush
    • Toothpaste
    • Floss
    • Hairbrush
    • Blister bandaids
    • Contact lens case & solution*
    • Extra pair of contact lenses*
    • Glasses*
    • Laptop*
    • Laptop charger*
    • (And sorry for the TMI) feminine products* (fun times, fun times)

This is just my packing list that is specific to me and to the Tink races.  Some other things to consider include:

  • Knee or other braces
  • Prescription medications
  • Biofreeze
  • If you can find the room, a foam roller, the stick, a lacrosse ball
  • Toe caps, nip guards, vaseline, whatever you use to keep chafing at bay
  • Fuel belt or race bib holder if you use that
  • Water belt and bottles or camelback if you use that
  • Phone holder if you use one
  • Sunglasses ( I cannot stand running with anything on my face)
  • Hat or visor
  • Handana, bandana or tissues if you have nose running issues when you run
  • For winter races, cold weather gear is important just in case:
    • gloves
    • hat
    • long sleeved shirt option or arm sleeves
    • tights or pants
  • On the other hand, if you’re used to running in upstate New York in February, keep in mind that the highs in Anaheim in the winter can also be in the upper 70’s, so make sure to bring some warm weather running options:
    • short sleeved shirt or tank
    • shorts
    • It really pained me to see people running in long sleeves and long pants at the 2013 Princess Half last February when it was so hot and humid so make sure you have options no matter what the weather forecast is.  
  •  Rain poncho or garbage bags:
    • I figure, if it’s raining in the corrals, it will be raining at the race and I’m going to get wet in any case so why bother…  Of course if it’s 40 degrees and raining I’ll be wishing I’d brought something to keep me dry before the race, but Anaheim seems to suffer from this less than Orlando so I’ll risk it…
  • If you’re running more than one race (5k, 10k, Half) you’ll need to add lots more on the race packing front.  Basically multiply most of the clothes and fuel by however many races you’re planning on running on your trip.

It’s also a really important thing to remember to carry on instead of checking anything that is critical to you on race day if you have to fly.  That would include anything that would be difficult or expensive to replace at Disney, like your costume, sports bra, running shoes, garmin and charger, ipod and charger, camera/cell phone and chargers, contact lenses, park or special event tickets.

And I hope hope hope I have to find room to bring back one of these beauties (we still don’t know if they’ll have them for Tink but I’ve been drooling over these for a whole year!):

And I will hopefully need to leave space for a pair of these:

So, what did I forget?  Help me out before I fly across the country tomorrow morning!  I hate that “duh” feeling when I realize I forgot something basic when it’s too late to go back and get it!  Everyone else all packed for Tink???


runDisney Tink Packing List — 18 Comments

  1. I couldn’t possibly add to your list! I’ve never ever traveled for a race but it sounds like you have all your bases covered at least! I have read a tip (somewhere…) that you should at least either wear your running shoes while on the plane or keep them in your carryon just in case your luggage gets lost. That’s all I got! Good luck next week and safe travels!

    • Since I’m doing two races, I’m bringing two pairs of running shoes. I’ll be wearing my Torins on the plane (they’re super comfy) and my Nimbuses (what is the plural of Nimbus?) will be in my carryon. If they try to make me gate check my carryon I may freak out!

  2. Always appreciate a fellow runner that has a wardrobe of sparkleskirts! Your list sounds pretty complete. I’m hoping to run a Disney race or two someday. Fingers crossed.

    • Thanks! And they are all in my carryon! I felt a little sad about the ones left in the closet (I’m a bit of an addict, so I own 14, I think I need to sell a couple before I add to the family!). I hope you make it to a Disney race one day soon, there’s nothing as magical as a runDisney event.

  3. More money…I mean, you only had it on the list a couple times, right? You know Disney won’t have that…you should bring about 3x what you think you’ll spend. LOL. Your list terrifies me! It’s 41 days until I leave for PHM and I’m already stressed about packing. I’m normally excited about it, but I’m worried I will forget something race related! I hope you have a fantastic time!

    • If they have the Tink Dooneys then I’m in trouble! I desperately wanted a PHM Dooney last year but got disappointed in the repeat of the design with a huge bump in price. I’ll have my AmEx with me, I just have to keep it under control! Shoes, bra, costume and garmin are the most critical, everything else you can replace there if you need to, so try your best and don’t sweat it if you forget something! PHM is getting close! 🙂

  4. Great list! I can’t think of anything else to add. As for your Honey Stinger chews, I take my Shot Bloks on the plane and I’ve never put them in my 3-1-1 bag. They’ve never said anything to me. 🙂

  5. I’m driving down Friday so just throwing stuff in the car! If the weather holds, then I’m expecting a warm weekend! Anaheim is a bit more inland than where I am but it’s been warming up fast in the morning, once the sun is up. I may even forego throwaway layers!

    • Packing for Tink I realized how spoiled I am by being able to drive to all my other races! It took a lot more planning to fit everything in and I’m not sure if I left enough room to bring home all the loot I’ll buy at the expo! I brought a throwaway jacket but I’m hoping the compression socks and arm sleeves are enough so I won’t even need it! Good luck out there!

    • Thanks! And I still forgot my extra pair of contacts 🙂 ! I had a crazy day of flying through 4 different airports for 17 hours (bad weather the previous day threw my flights out of whack and I had to be re-routed a lot!). But I made it safe and sound!

    • Thanks! I’m sure I’ll update it for GSC as there’s always something new (and different costume parts!) plus I get to drive to that so I’ll take lots more stuff! 🙂 Good luck on your training, GSC is almost here!

  6. I hope you have a great time in Disneyland!! Sounds like you have everything you’ll need! Btw, I love your Club 33 costume, what an awesome idea!!

    • Thanks, I’m really excited about! And nervous, I don’t know Disneyland at all! Thanks, the costume was really a group effort and I’m super thrilled to get to meetup with the other three “enchanted china” runners. Keep an eye out for our photos!