Running Costumes – $10 Costume Sale

My Facebook Running Costumes page tipped me off to an awesome $10 costume sale at  I just love halloween and dressing up in costumes.  One of the reasons I picked the Princess Half as my first big race was that it provided the opportunity to run in a princess costume.  As an adult (and a CPA) it’s hard to find many opportunities to dress up without getting too many weird looks. 

So, here are the awesome costumes I bought for $10 each (photos all from and none of the lovely models are me!):

This first one is a beer garden girl costume.  I’m thinking maybe an Octoberfest run or Wine & Dine.  And it would be fun for halloween even without a race.

 The next one is an incredible Animal costume from the Muppets.  I’m thinking maybe Wine & Dine (just because) or even Space Coast (even though it is not space themed).  My husband is also in a band and I have to get to go to his shows sometimes and this shirt with a pair of jeans would be fun.

And the next is clearly perfect for my first trip to Disneyland next year for the Tink Half.  The wings look small enough to not be annoying, but I’ll see how they fit when the packages arrive.  I love the bodice and if the skirt is annoying, I can just cut it off and use a sparkletech for the bottom.  If the skirt is ok, I may just get some sparkle bottoms to wear under it.  

OK, this one isn’t for running, but it’s an awesome victorian steampunk vampire outfit that is a steal at $10.  I love Mickey’s Not So Scarey Halloween Party at Disney and it’s hard to find adult costumes for women that aren’t super skanky.  This one is interesting and clearly a costume without being too revealing for Disney.

And, my very favorite (at least based on the photos, since they haven’t arrived yet!) is the Irish Dancer costume which I think would make a perfect Merida costume for Halloween, Disney or running:

We also bought a DJ Lance Rock costume for my husband and a Brobee costume (all from Yo Gabba Gabba) for my toddler for halloween.  We got all seven costumes including shipping for $78.49.  I wasn’t planning on buying all those costumes, but I just couldn’t get over the deals. 

What is your favorite costume to run in?  Do you prefer to have a unique costume or a more recognizable one?  Do you make it from running clothes or from standard costumes?

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