Running in the Rain

I’ve been very surprised to learn how many people either hate running in the rain or refuse to run in the rain all together.  Maybe it’s because I grew up in Florida where a rainstorm represents a welcome break from the oppressive heat of a summer day, but a dark ominous sky fills me with anticipation and excitement.  Perhaps if you come from a Northern climate, rain means cold miserable weather?  I wonder if that is true even in the summer?

It should go without saying that if there is any thunder at all, my behind stays safely inside where I am content to just be a spectator to the storm.  If there is no thunder and I’m scheduled for a run, I happily grab an older pair of my running shoes and head out to enjoy the rain.  So far, I’ve run through the bands of four separate tropical storms and each time I’ve felt wild and young and powerful.

Today’s forecast is:

Which is great for my 6.2 mile run that I have planned, but not so good for the lawn mowing I need to do.  Wish me luck in getting some nice rain on my run but no thunder!

Do you love or hate to run in the rain?  What is the craziest weather you’ve run in?

Updated:  I was lucky enough to get almost perfect rain for my run starting around mile 4.  A nice breeze, steady rain and no thunder.  It was a welcome break from the miserable way too hot and humid runs I’ve had lately. 


Running in the Rain — 4 Comments

  1. I LOVE running in the rain! I really had no thought about it either way until I did it once and now I kind of HOPE for rain (especially in the summer) so I can run in it. Keeps me cool, makes me feel all hardcore. LOL

  2. I live in the Northeast and i LOVE running in the rain. I am looking forward to winter running. I haven’t tried it yet I’ve only just started running in the last 2 months. I love your blog! I have enjoyed reading all of it and look forward to the next updates!

    • Thanks for the positive comments and welcome to the wonderful world of running! I’m hoping for a few more refreshing rainy runs to break up the awfulness of hot humid summer runs.