Saturday Update: From Disney…Again!

My mom, Eli and I are all at Walt Disney World (yes…again) for the WDW runDisney races.  I ran the 10K yesterday and had a great time (look for the recap this week!) and I hate to admit it, but I’m really really really happy that I’m not running the half or full this year.  Partly because my training got so derailed with the #Plague2014 running through my family and partly because it’s kind of nice to be here for a race but not to have the whole weekend dominated by the race (staying off my feet in the parks, getting up at 3 am, being super careful with food and hydration).  We got to stay out for the Main Street Electrical Parade without feeling like I should be in bed by 8pm!

IMG_9444I did see this awesome shirt at the Expo and I almost bought it.  rD2016Almost.  I just couldn’t pull the trigger to commit (and I am an impulsive person, so my psyche must be very undecided).  I’m not taking it off the table, but I need to get through another half marathon training cycle and see how I feel about even thinking about tackling a full.  I feel like I need to do it at least once.

Let’s see how I did on my goals for this week:

  • No crap, no exceptions.  Even at Disney.  Especially at Disney.  I have done awesome.  I did have a Mickey Waffle after the 10K, but that’s the closest to crap I indulged in and although it’s not low carb, it’s still not crap.  I’ve resisted M&Ms, french fries, fried shrimp, ice cream, chocolate and rice crispy Mickeys.  I’m pretty happy about this balanced approach.  I’ve found some great healthy options here that I’ll be sharing in about a week! IMG_9429
  • Drink water.  Hmm.  Not great, not terrible.  I have made some progress but need to improve more.
  • Run 3x.  I ended up running twice.  You’d think having the whole week off that I would have run more, but my run last Sunday was very discouraging.  I quit at 4.3 miles.  I almost never quit a run before the planned mileage and I certainly don’t quit at an uneven number like that.
  • Write six blog posts this week.  I actually ended up writing seven!
  • Do more SEO research and improvement.  Not so much progress here.  I need to go back and add keywords and meta descriptions to my older posts too.

Eli started preschool this week, so he needed some extra attention on those two days.  And of course, redoing my whole race costume was very time consuming.

My goals for next week:

  • No crap, no exceptions.  Try to make the lower-carb choice.
  • Drink water.
  • Run 3x.
  • PiYo 3x.
  • Eat snacks 2x a day.  This really helps me control my portion sizes at meals.
  • Take an adventure with Eli on Friday.

According to my step tracker, including the 10K and all the walking at the parks, I walked/ran 16.4 miles yesterday!  My feet believe it! I’m hoping to get in ten miles of walking today and tomorrow.

Good luck to my friends racing today and tomorrow!


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