Saturday Update: A Doozy

I struggled with what to post today and I’m going to try to walk the line between oversharing and not being open.  After my successful six mile run last Saturday I have done nothing at all because on Sunday Eli had to go to the ER for a rare complication from his procedure a couple of weeks ago.

He was admitted to the children’s hospital for two nights and had to have another colonoscopy done Monday night. The doctors and nurses and techs at Shands Children’s Hospital were wonderful and really helped us through the ordeal.

It was terrifying and exhausting and draining and I ended up taking the whole week off of work and working out so that I could just be close by to monitor how he was recovering.  We’ve been home since Tuesday and Eli’s acting and feeling just fine (although he is a bit paranoid about random people showing up with needles to poke him, poor baby).  The doctors feel confident that he’s going to be just fine but it’ll take a while for me to relax (talk to me in September).

My blog kind of kept itself going last week due to the magic of prewriting and prescheduling a bunch of posts on Saturday but my diet and fitness are just not a priority right now.  I did lose about seven pounds in three days from not eating at all, but since we’ve been home it’s been a free for all with chinese food delivery and pringles.

I did learn that I’m stronger than I knew and that I can do what has to be done for my kids no matter how hard it is.  Now I just have to find a way to trust that everything is going to be ok and start finding a little balance again.


Saturday Update: A Doozy — 22 Comments

  1. I’m so sorry you’re having to go through all of this. It sounds like they pretty quickly found and solved the problem, so that’s good. I hope you and Eli can get some relaxation soon.
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    • Thanks. It was tough but hopefully it’s behind us. Now we’re just having the challenge of keeping a vivacious three year old from jumping, falling down and generally acting like the wild child he is for a week so he can heal up!

  2. Hugs, mama!
    I’ve commented on about 2 blogs in my entire life, but I wanted to say I love yours and I will be sending good vibes to your family!

    • Thanks, it was certainly tough but we all pulled through together. I appreciate the positive thoughts!

  3. Yikes – your poor little man! I am sorry you all had to go through such an ordeal, but, am glad to note it sounds like he had top notch, compassionate care. It’s completely understandable that you dropped everything to be with him, that’s the definition of ‘Mommy’ in a nutshell. Sending you all prayers and healing thoughts.
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    • Thanks for the positive thoughts! It was tough but I did learn that our family is tougher! 🙂

    • Thanks so much! I just need to get my food and workouts back on track!

    • Thanks, hon! It was pretty awful and we’re still a bit skittish about a recurrence (although we’ve been told it is very unlikely)! I appreciate the positive thoughts! <3