Saturday Update: Happy New Year!

I’m welcoming 2015 with open arms!  I had way too much fun at a New Year’s Eve party, but still stuck to my No Crap, No Exceptions plan which makes me very happy!  Here’s how I did on my goals last week:

  • No crap, no exceptions.
    • I did great with this, despite a LOT of temptations both in my house and at work and parties.  No slips at all.
  • Drink water.
    • I did much better with this (admittedly it would have been tough to have done any worse than the last month or so!).
  • Run 3x.
    • Yes!  I did a really tough 2 miler last Saturday, a 3 miler on Monday and another 3 miler on Wednesday.  I’m planning 6 today, so cheer me on!
  • Piyo 2x.
    • After my 2 mile run wiped me out and tore up my legs, I decided to hold off on PiYo until after the WDW 10K next week.
  • Work on my writing.
    • I’m not sure how much of this I did, other than actually writing a lot lately.  I need to work on improving my descriptive language.  I find adjectives superfluous apparently…
  • Actually try to promote my blog a little more.
    • I’ve worked pretty hard on laying down the groundwork on this over the last week.  I’ve joined a couple of groups and I got some great tips from my blogger-buddy Patty at My No-Guilt Life (thanks Patty).
    • I’ve looked into a couple of blogger conferences and am committing to make it to at least one this year (maybe more!).  Send some positive wishes my way that I get one of the coveted invitations to the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration conference this Spring!
    • I’ve also started researching SEO (search engine optimization) and am slowly, slowly, slowly making minor tweaks here and there to help get my content out there.

While it wasn’t a perfect week, I think I did really well.  My biggest challenge was that I’m still hanging on to this nasty cold/flu thing (just a little, I’m 95% better).  I’m almost sure it was the flu because of how much my leg strength deteriorated in just three weeks.  After what should have been an easy two mile run, my right knee was tweaked for days and my quads and hamstrings were crazy sore.  They recovered fairly well and my three mile run on Wednesday went fine without any pain or soreness, so that’s a good sign.   I’m happy I got recommitted to the No Crap, No Exceptions plan and that I had a ton of fun at our friend’s New Year’s Eve party without eating or drinking anything that wasn’t on the plan.


My goals for next week:

  • No crap, no exceptions.  Even at Disney.  Especially at Disney.
  • Drink water.
  • Run 3x.
  • Write six blog posts this week.
  • Do more SEO research and improvement.


Here’s to a really wonderful 2015.  Reach for the stars, my friends.  You’re capable of so much more than you believe!



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  1. Yuck, sorry about the flu. I had it a couple weeks ago and it really takes a lot out of you. Great job on the eating healthy! It’s so hard with all the temptations at this time of year and I’ve been pretty bad about it. Definitely need to join you in working on that this month.
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    • It was pretty nasty, but I think we’re all finally over it! Best of luck in 2015!