Saturday Update: Lots of adventures!

Sorry I’m late today on my Saturday update, we just got back from a crazy three days at Disney World.   I was so excited that we got our annual passes again (read more on my exuberance here) and we had a great time.

  1. Eating:  Well, I wish I could report good news here, but remember how I said I went to Disney?  Yeah, I have a hard time not going overboard with food at Disney.  I tried, and I was pretty good at the beginning of the week, but I ate like a crazy person the second half of the week.  Alex’s 15th birthday was Wednesday, so we had hibachi for dinner and a cupcake afterwards.  Then Disney.  Cupcakes, rice crispy treats, chex mix (BOGO), orange soda…  Sigh.   If I ‘m going to Disney more often, I HAVE to get a plan.  My family really loves having food treats at Disney too, so this is a habit I’ll have to break for all of us, not just me.  IMG_1790
  2. Running: I only ran once this week, on Tuesday.  I skipped my long run because of our beach trip last weekend and I took all my stuff to run at Disney on Thursday but honestly I was so exhausted from our crazy park hopping that you couldn’t have paid me to get up at 6am and run.  I have no idea how people do 12 hours at the parks and then get up at the crack of dawn to run before another 12 (or longer) hour day at the parks.  Even with Eli’s midday naps, it felt crazy to consider doing a run on top of all the walking.  Maybe it’s worse right now because I’m piggy-backing a 32 pound Eli around at least half of the day.  We don’t do strollers but his legs won’t hold up to all the running around we do so we tote him around a lot.
  3. Strength/Cross Training: I did both strength training and bike cross training workouts this week.  I’m on Stage 2 of my strength training book and wow did I feel the difference of moving to new exercises this week.  I did notice a difference at the parks being able to pick Eli up and put him on my back easily without having to squat down and let him climb on, so I think my upper body has gotten much stronger!
  4. Adventure: I may have overdone it on this one!  We went to the beach last weekend and had a great time!  I did twist my ankle a bit chasing after Eli in the surf but it seems to have healed up pretty well.  IMG_3751 And then we had our Disney trip.  Thursday we got up at 5:30am, drove down, checked into POP, took the bus to the Magic Kingdom, rode rides, ate lunch at Be Our Guest (cupcake #1), rode more rides, went to Tom Sawyer’s Island and went over the barrel bridge five times in a row, rode more rides, took a nap, went back, rode the monorail to Epcot, walked all around Epcot, watched Illuminations while we headed out because Eli hated the fireworks, crashed.  Friday we went to Typhoon Lagoon (detailed post on that adventure coming soon!) and we chased after Eli all morning at the water park, took a nap and went back to Magic Kingdom for more rides, Electric Light Parade, Fireworks, more rides, crashed. IMG_3997 Saturday (today!) was Animal Kingdom until about 2pm, then drive home and unpack and do laundry!  And blog a bit!  Whew, crazy adventures for sure this week!  This is how I felt too!  IMG_4146
  5. Self Confidence: If you read this post, you know that I am not making a ton of progress here.  I wonder if some self help books are in order?  I know I don’t have a perfect body and still have a ways to go to be in the healthy weight range but I have to get rid of this self loathing I have about the excess fat on my body.  While I’m committed to do the work to get rid of it, I need to stop hating it so much and to stop beating myself up over it.

So, this week had a lot of exercise and good weight training, not enough running, plenty of fun and adventure and way too much junky food.  I’m back on track tomorrow (yeah, guess I should admit now that I had Popeye’s for dinner!) with my Don’t Eat Crap diet.  And before I go back to Disney (probably for a day trip in three weeks) I need “A Plan” for how to have fun at Disney without going overboard on the food treats!

What did you do this week for adventure?  I’m thinking we might go back to the springs next weekend!  Outdoor adventures in the summer with water are much more fun!


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  1. I’ve never been to Disney World but I can just imagine how tempting all that food must be. It sounds like you were doing great at the start of the week but everything had you tired by the end of the week and you were looking for that burst of energy and some fun 🙂

    I’m sure you will be able to find that balance soon.
    Dawn recently posted…Walking WeatherMy Profile

  2. Fun, fun, and more fun! I’m so glad you had a great time. And don’t worry about the cupcakes, you know you walked (and sweated) those off like nothing! Disney is a workout unto itself.

    We tried to have a relaxed week: some pool, some movies, a birthday party, things like that. It was nice.

    As far as #5… Sure, self-help books can’t hurt. Learning how to be comfortable in your own skin is supremely difficult, although I do wish it was easier. As with all things, just take it one day at a time. <3
    Jenn recently posted…weekly recap: 6/15 – 6/21My Profile

  3. The GREY STUFF!!! YUM!!!! (I’m not a lot of help on the overindulging at WDW. LOL) I’m so glad you guys renewed, now I can live vicariously through you. I ALWAYS say I’m going to run at WDW. I want to, I love how there are so many options and it’s so nice in the morning…but my feet are always killing me after the first day and I’m exhausted from all the walking. I never do. I just get my coffee and sit there. 😉 No help with the self-help either, I find my biggest issue is that if I’m content (i.e. no self-loathing) with my body then I have no motivation to do anything and I gain weight. Vicious cycle. I don’t really hate/loath myself but if I focus on self-acceptance then why bother changing? It’s a hard balance. recently posted…Not just National Running Day…My Profile

    • Yeah, that kind of derailed me from the first day, LOL. I know, the only time I’ve run at Disney was when we stayed a whole week and had one non-park day. I just can’t manage to run if I’m in a park the same day, my feet and legs are just worn out! I agree on the vicious cycle thing. Sigh, I’m happy exercising like a fiend, but I just want to be able to eat whatever I want…guess I need to grow up and accept that I can’t have a slim body without adjusting my diet permanently.

    • PS: I thought of you several times on our trip since we stayed at POP again! 🙂 I was like “this is where Karen and I met up to get to the bus” and “Karen posted pictures of this”.

    • Yeah it was a crazy three days, I think I’m still recovering! 🙂 Hope VBS is going well!

    • LOL, I had a game plan last time and that Master’s Cupcake took my game plan and threw it out the window! Guess I need a better game plan! 🙂

  4. Oh geez It is HARD to not overindulge at Disney for sure. But a treat every now and then is acceptable plus, you know you burn a ton of calories there. Just try not to go overboard with the eating! Looks like a good week though! Sorry about the ankle!

    And ok because I’m about to be in hyper planning mode and living vicariously through your posts until I can make it to Disney myself…do tell what is the “grey stuff”. Frosting? What does it taste like? Is it at Be Our Guest?
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    • The grey stuff is at Be Our Guest. They have two versions, one is at dinner, put on top of a fudgey/brownie sort of thing. This one is the “master’s cupcake” which is served at lunch (I actually prefer lunch at BOG). It is a cross between whipped cream, chocolate and icing. Oh so very very very good. The pearls on the cupcake are imported from France and are delicious too.

      If we’re going to Disney every couple of weeks, even for day trips, I HAVE to get my eating under control there. I sure burn a lot of calories but I think I eat way in excess of what I burn while I’m there because the treats are so very very delicious!

  5. I say overdoing it on adventure is a major win, especially since you got to go to Disney!! And I totally hear ya on the Disney calories. So much good food, and so hard to pass up! I just try not to think about calories at Disney lol :0)

    • Yeah, I feel most content when we’re running around exploring and having adventures!