Saturday Update: Off the wagon

Yep, things went bad this week.  I can blame stress, hormones, fatigue and being frustrated with running injuries but honestly, I just decided to eat crap this week.  We got back from a week at Disney (I was at a conference most of the days but played at Disney World after hours) and I had no healthy food in the house and I was absolutely exhausted and I just caved and asked Erik to bring home Popeyes.  I had a few days this week of eating properly but have backslid again this weekend.

Honestly, I think the major problem is that I’ve got a calf and IT band problem in my right leg and I’m frankly afraid to run on it since I’ve got a few big races coming up, including Gasparilla next weekend.  I’ve got the mileage in already, so I’m worried that if I run on it I’ll really mess it up and not be able to run at all on race weekend.  Not having my running to help deal with my stress is the real root cause of me turning to food for stress relief.  Unfortunately knowing that consciously doesn’t really help me to avoid making bad food choices to make me feel better (temporarily of course).

grumpycat1I am taking some steps to improve the situation though.  I’ve got massage appointments scheduled with two new massage therapists (I’m always trying to find the holy grail of massage therapists…strong hands, takes insurance, focused on client service and close to my work) and one of those appointments is TODAY!  Yay!  And I’m going to run this weekend, even if it’s just three miles.  I need to get over my fear of injury or Gasparilla is going to be awful.

I’m also early registering for the Space Coast Half Marathon this morning at 9am!  I’m so excited to be signing up for my third year.  If you haven’t ever run this race (they also have a full), I highly recommend it (see my recap from 2014 here and 2013 here).  It sells out crazy fast, so mark your calendar to register at 9am TOMORROW (February 15th).  I’d love to see some more friends along the course!

IMG_1185I’ve been a little burned out on blogging lately.  I had a couple of negative experiences related to my blog last month that are still impacting my motivation to be active writing on it and on social media in general.  I really need to develop a thicker skin and “shake, shake, shake it off” as advised by the wisdom of Taylor Swift.  Within the next month or so, the invitations will be going out for the Disney Social Media Moms Conference.  There’s no application process and no real formula for getting invited, so a lot of bloggers (and other social media mavens) are all crossing fingers and toes hoping to get a golden ticket.  I’d love one of course, but I’m definitely small potatoes so it would be a pleasant surprise (ok an amazingly huge awesome surprise) to get an invitation.  I am excited to see which of my friends does get to go and to follow along with their fun!

I’m going to leave off any food goals this week and really focus on getting back on track with exercise first.

  • Run 3x.  Even if it’s just a mile I need to get out there.
  • Strength training 3x.  I dug back out my book The New Rules of Weight Lifting for Women and I’m going to start the workouts again.  I really liked it when I used it last Spring.

That’s it.  I’ll try to make decent choices when I can and to drink more water, but I think that getting back in the habit of working out in some manner most days will help me actually WANT to eat better.  Sorry if this was a depressing post.  I’m sure some fitness bloggers are peppy and healthy 365 days a year, but the honest truth is that it is a struggle for me a lot of the time.  Sometimes I do better winning the fight and sometimes I lose a battle, but I am still determined to win the war!



Saturday Update: Off the wagon — 21 Comments

  1. April, don’t be so hard on yourself. Have you tried cross training I a pool? It may do wonders for you. You can realy get a good workout even sweating. If you don’t have access to one check some of groups to see if they have aqua therapy. Keep up the great blog

    • Thanks! There is a water aerobics class offered at lunchtime that I might look into.

  2. I love your honesty ! I’m also dealing with some lingering calf issues from buying the wrong shoes and then doing dopey and Rebel. In getting a massage tomorrow which should help.

    I have princess next weekend so I’m freaking out a bit too and have decided to lessen my workouts so my legs are ready to go. Oh and roll like crazy!
    Juliana recently posted…Friday Five Linkup: LoveMy Profile

    • I hope your calf feels better too! And best of luck at Princess! I’m sad to be missing it this year!

  3. Yours is one of few blogs that actually keeps things real with your posts. I find it really difficult to read blogs where everything is peaches and cream (wait, I don’t even like peaches and cream). But seriously, we all have ups and downs, particularly when involved with a sport like running. I hope you are feeling better soon and don’t be nervous about next weekend. Your body knows how to get through a half marathon. Will miss seeing you at Princess!
    Pam recently posted…#runnerlove, 5 favorite thingsMy Profile

    • I completely agree – one of the things I love about your blog is that it’s clearly written by a real person who puts it out there, warts and all. We all have bad days and we all feel rubbish sometimes. Rest up and get better – all the best for the big event 🙂
      Gill recently posted…keeping trackMy Profile

      • Thanks! The races this weekend went better than expected and my calf held up great!

  4. Its ok lady! We aren’t perfect. I had lost 15 pounds but have eaten so much crap this week that I’m afraid to step on the scales. Hope you feel better and can work through those injuries!! Good luck at Gasparilla!

    • Ha, I’m afraid to get on the scale too! Thanks, I’m hoping I have a good time at Gasparilla regardless of my time at the races.

    • I really need to recommit to doing something for at least 30 minutes a day even if I can’t run! Good reminder!

  5. I’m with you. Sometimes I just don’t want to blog or haven’t been doing anything I think anyone would want to read about. I’m sorry you had a negative experience. Were people making snarky comments? The internet is just full of people’s supressed rage. They’re unhappy with their lives/jobs/whatever and decide to insult strangers. It’s sad.
    Jen recently posted…5 Things This WeekMy Profile

    • Thanks! I know people with very popular blogs have to deal with negativity all the time! I guess I need to be embracing being small potatoes a little more!

  6. I am sorry you had a negative experience! I have never understood why people have to be so mean. I guess they feel brave when they can hide behind a computer screen.

    I hope your leg feels better soon! I am also experiencing calf pain, and it sucks. I haven’t run since the Disney marathon, and nothing seems to be helping. I thought about getting a massage to see if it would help.
    Angie recently posted…My day offMy Profile

    • I do think people treat each other much more harshly in the “virtual” world than they do face to face. What’s up with all of us having calf pain? I’m going to do a trial run tomorrow morning and tape it up first! Wishing us both good luck!

    • You and me both, my friend! I was doing well for a couple of months and then slid again! Just keep on trying, right?