Saturday Update: oops

Yeah, this past week didn’t quite go as planned.  I did well on eating for the first part of the week but then we had April/Amy day on Thursday which involved a lot of sangria and a nice lunch out.  That night we celebrated Alex getting straight A’s with delivery from Piesanos (pizza, my friends)!  Then Friday night was Erik’s “grown-up” birthday celebration with friends (and alcohol and pan fried dumplings and fried wontons…).  Saturday was Erik’s family birthday celebration with BBQ.  All of those were “allowed” deviations from my plan.  Unfortunately, on Saturday night, I just caved and said forget it, I’m eating whatever I want.  Oops.  Sunday through Tuesday were just me and Eli at Walt Disney World and I had a couple of healthy meals but more high carb/treat meals than I’d planned on.  Oops.  And then, lack of food prep (we got back Tuesday night and I had to go to work at 6am on Wednesday) and major work stress combined to keep me eating off-plan the rest of the week.  Oops.

I did get lots of walking in at Disney (7-10 miles a day, many of those with 30lbs of Eli on my back) but no formal exercise except for one strength workout on Monday and a fairly short set of repeats on Thursday morning which were much harder than I remembered!  My goal during the repeats was 9 minute miles and I was going way too fast.  So while I was hoping for 8×400, I ended up with 4×400 because I was just DONE!Firefox_Screenshot_2015-04-17T22-33-08.083ZI know it’s an excuse, but work was just insane with big presentations and lots and lots and lots of stress.  I know, I know, that’s when I actually SHOULD make an exercise break a priority, but it just didn’t happen.

I don’t think I’ve posted much about it, but I’ve had some kind of sinus trouble for the last few months.  Coughing, drainage and a recurring sore throat and just feeling a bit off.  At Disney, I had super mild vertigo a couple of times (which of course sent me on a panic spiral making me think I’d drop dead and poor Eli would be there all alone…I blame binge watching of Royal Pains for this) when I got off of boat rides (the one in Mexico and Living With the Land).  I am pretty sure that it’s because my ears are chronically stuffed up from this sinus pressure, so I finally went to the nurse at work who still thinks it’s just allergies (I’m taking flonase and allegra every day for over a month now) but that the inflammation needs to be calmed down for it to really heal up.  So, I’m on prednisone (oral steroid) starting yesterday for a week.  I had to take a cycle of it a little over a year ago when I had a similar problem that contributed to my awful Tink Half.  I’m really hoping it clears this up because I’m so tired of being stuffy and feeling just tired and off.

My health insurance company changed the rules for chiropractors, which is where I was getting my massage therapy for my back/neck (work and posture issues) and my legs (running stuff) through.  So, the massage therapist I finally found is no longer taking my insurance!  Ugh.  Guess it’s back to the rehab clinic which has great therapists but is a lot further from my office, taking me out of work longer when I go…

Ok, that’s all the bad news.  In good news:

The jasmine is blooming!  EliJasmineApril2015I am signed up for the WDW Half Marathon and 10k (and Eli’s signed up for the kids races) in January!  I was struggling with whether to run Princess or Gasparilla and had a helpful tweet from a running friend who suggested doing WDW weekend instead and then being able to just run Gasparilla in February (it’s on PHM weekend).  I’m not sure why I didn’t think of it, but I’m so grateful for the suggestion because I think I’m going to really enjoy it.

IMG_9234_2I did get five days of workouts done (I’m totally counting the three days of walking at WDW).

I haven’t given up on my eating plan, I’m starting again tomorrow!

I made it through some challenges at work without really stressing out too badly.  I may or may not (I did!) have sung the theme song to the show Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt in my head while I was fielding some questions.  “Unbreakable!  They’re alive, dammit!  Females are strong as hell.  Unbreakable!”  I’ve got to admit it really helped me feel a bit unbreakable and strong myself!

So, next week my goals are:

  • Eat according to Paleo at least 90% of the time.
  • Run 3x including a six-mile run and one set of repeats.
  • Strength training 2x.
  • Yoga! Or meditation!  Or some kind of specific stress relief that doesn’t involve chips or chocolate!

How did your week go?  Any words of motivation to help me get back on track and stay there?


Saturday Update: oops — 14 Comments

  1. OMG! Your post could so be me this past week-except I did not walk WDW (totally counts as exercise- BTW!)

    I find once I blow it I am like -F-it 🙁

    I am going to use the weekend to regroup/meal prep and start the week out right.

    Good luck to you. Your goals are totally doable!

    You got this!

    • I know, isn’t that just awful! It’s so hard not to just go overboard after one slip! I already booked my workouts for next week on my work calendar and we’re going to Publix today to get the ingredients for my meal prep! We can both make next week awesome!

  2. I feel like claiming it’s an excuse not to exercise because work is busy is undercutting yourself. Sometimes priorities change. You have to make a living and if work is demanding for a few weeks, that’s just the way it is. It’s not really an excuse. It’s just life.

    I feel you on the sinus problems. I’ve been having them too. If I sleep with a humidifier on, the room is a swamp. If I sleep with the window open, I’m congested all morning. No way to win.

    Good luck next week!
    Jen recently posted…Friday UpdateMy Profile

    • Thanks for the support! And yeah, this sinus stuff is just driving me nuts! The steroids seem to be helping so far!

  3. dangit now im going to have the kimmy schmidt theme song stuck in my head all day!

    but i agree-this week at work has been insane for me-events after work and it has thrown my sleep off (I am not one of those peoplel that can get home at 9 and then be in bed by 10). I have a half marathon tomorrow I am a bit worried about but hopefully it will go well!

    and no worries about setbacks-they all happen! just start over again this week 🙂

    and yay for WDW marathon weekend. I am OBSSESSED with it and wishing terribly I could go back but Im saving my money for rundisney Paris!

    • It’s definitely a catchy theme song! I guess runDisney Paris is a good reason to miss WDW marathon weekend! That’s going to be amazing!

    • Yikes! I have a regular checkup scheduled for Tuesday and I’ll discuss it with her then! I hope you feel better soon too!

    • Thanks! I’m wondering if I need updated allergy testing since it’s been about 15 years since the last time.

  4. WDW walking, especially carrying a kid, totally counts as a workout! I forgot how much work it was to carry a little person until O broke his leg. Oy! We should all have Popeye arms to reward us for all of that literal heavy lifting that comes with mommy-dom.
    Jessica S recently posted…Tuesdays on the Run: Why I RunMy Profile

    • Totally! I figure lifting 30lbs all the time should be a major arm workout!