Saturday Update: Sick at Disney

No, this doesn’t actually say “sick of Disney” although some of my non-Disney-appreciating friends are probably thinking that.  No, we’re all at Disney for one last visit of 2014 and we’re all sick!  Last Sunday, Eli and I drove down for a two-day mommy & Eli visit that got cut short because he got sick Sunday night.  He’s mostly better now (just a stuffy nose, but has high energy and is feeling fine) but Erik and I have succumbed to the crud.  Ugh.  Stuffy nose, cough, sore throat.  We did get checked for the flu and we don’t have that, so hopefully we’re not infecting half of the known world by going to Disney.

Since we promised Eli one more trip to replace the one we had to cut short we decided to suck it up and hope for the best.  Who could say no to this face (here’s his response to going home a day early last Monday morning):


So, how did my plans for the week go?  Well, between Eli & me being sick it didn’t go that well.  I did walk 11 miles on Sunday at Disney (most of which with Eli riding piggyback…kind of like rucking!) and we got six miles in yesterday.  But that’s about it.  I know lots of people stick to their workouts when they are sick, but I don’t.

I ate well about 80% of the time (it’s so hard this time of year with work parties and treats everywhere).  I kind of threw in the towel earlier in the week and decided to just eat whatever I wanted this month (hey, I was tired and Eli was sick and I apparently was getting sick) but then I discovered that I’m in Corral A for the WDW 10K in early January.  Eating a bunch of crap isn’t going to make that a fun race and certainly isn’t going to help me meet my sub one hour goal for the race.  So, I refocused and have been doing fairly well since then.

So, goals for this week:

  • Walk a whole lot today (we’re doing Animal Kingdom in the morning and Hollywood Studios at night so that shouldn’t be a problem).
  • Get over this nasty head cold!
  • Cook up soup to take to work for lunch this week.
  • Run at least 2x.
  • PiYo 2x.
  • Continue to work on chatting with new people.  I’ve done that a bit at Disney and it’s gone pretty well.




Saturday Update: Sick at Disney — 10 Comments

    • I probably walk more than most people because although I know the parks backwards and forwards, I still get turned around and take the longest way from place to place. I get turned around in my own town too! No sense of direction!

    • Thanks! We’re all slowly getting better. Eli seems to feel fine though!

    • Thanks, we’re all slowly on the mend (although I’m the only one who had to go get antibiotics!).

    • I’m not the best mom in the world for posting that, but Eli did say I was the bestest mom in the world for taking him back last weekend to make sure he got to see the Osborne lights one more time.