Should I Just Call This the Tuesday Update?

Weight: 168.0

I was very happy to see the scale go down.  I was struggling with having very slow or no weight loss while running or working out 4-5 days a week and religiously tracking my points.  A few cyber-friends suggested that I should be eating more of my points.  Sounded counter-intuitive, but I decided to try it.  Last week I ate all of my regular points, all of my activity points and about half of my flex points.  And lost weight!

I’m taking this week off of tracking because I have the Princess Half Marathon coming up this Sunday!  I’ll be in Disney from Thursday night until Monday night.  I refuse to calorie or point count while on vacation!

I’ll probably skip the next Monday update but will be back on in two weeks.  Between now and then I hope to post a few times about the awesomeness that the Princess Half promises to be.

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