Space Coast Half Marathon 2014 – I’m Registered!

I am so excited that I’m registered for year two of the five-year big bang series of the Space Coast Half Marathon!! 

The race is expected to sell out quickly this year because of the excitement of the amazing medal series that includes bonus medals for the third and fifth races completed in the series. 

Here’s my medal from last year:

And here’s my recap of last year’s race.  It was one of my favorite races, great weather and really friendly runners. 

Next year’s medal is probably my favorite of the series:

And the race shirt for 2014 is gorgeous.  They will have women’s and men’s cuts (yay!):

Early registration started at 9am today for those who ran last year.  Regular registration starts tomorrow.  There is a lot of excitement and both races are expected to sell out quickly.  The race is always held the first Sunday after Thanksgiving, so this year’s race will be November 30, 2014. 

To register or learn more, visit the official website here.  Who else is joining me this year? 


Space Coast Half Marathon 2014 – I’m Registered! — 14 Comments

  1. I would love to do this. After visiting Cape Canaveral last month, I’m itching to go back. Unfortunately, two trips to Florida just aren’t going to happen this year. Maybe in 2015.

    • They are gorgeous in person. I hate to say it, but they are even better than the runDisney medals since they are a bit bigger and have gorgeous glitter and color.

  2. I really want to run this race, but due to family circumstances I am passing. I hope I can run it next year, and get the 3 year series medal.