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You may have noticed that in all of my running photos I’m wearing awesome skirts.  These are sparkletechs from SparkleSkirts.  If you aren’t familiar with them, here’s a review/love letter I did last year.

Now that you’re convinced you need one (or twenty) of these in your life, it’s time to figure out which ones to choose.  SparkleSkirts offers their skirts in five different main styles (every now and then a special type will come out, but these five are the basics).  I’ve seen a lot of questions about what makes each style different so I thought it was worth a post to explain.

I’ll start off with a basic explanation but the real beauty of this post will be showing (thanks to some great volunteers!) how different styles look on the same person.  I think that, short of being able to try them all on at an expo or the SparkleSkirts Headquarters, this is the best way to get an idea of what each style means.

1.  Swing – This is the basic/original style of sparkletech.  It’s a fairly full skirt that hits most people mid-thigh and is attached to a pair of compression shorts that have three pockets (one in each leg and a huge zippered one in the waistband).  They are reversible and can be worn with the zipper to the front or back.

2. Slim – This is similar to the swing in length and also has the same pockets and shorts attached.  The main difference is that the skirt isn’t as full, it’s more of a pencil skirt than an a-line skirt.   Most people find that sizing up in the slim leads to the best fit.

3. Hiker – This is the swing, but longer.  Same type of shorts attached underneath with pockets, and a full skirt, but the shorts and skirt are several inches longer than the swing.  This is great for taller people or just anyone who feels more comfortable with a little more coverage.  These work great for wearing around town for everyday wear or even for evening/office wear.

4. Commando – This is the swing, but without any attached shorts.  It has a zippered pocket in the waistband.  My experience has been that these run smaller than the swings, so size up if you’re in between sizes.

5. SparkleLight – This is its own skirt always sparkly, much lighterweight fabric and has no attached shorts.  It has a small pocket in the waistband, but no zipper.

Enough talking, here are some real life examples of SparkleSkirts fans wearing different styles.  I’ve included their heights and skirt sizes where available to help you figure out how a skirt might look on you.

My first lovely model is 5’8″ and is modeling a Swing in Large, a Swing in Medium and a Slim in Large.  I’ve found that with the swings, as you go down in size, the skirts and shorts get a bit shorter as well.

SS1a - Jolene G L HalfCrazy M Waves L Rainforest Slim

Next up is a SparkleSkirt fan with an enviable collection (including one that I covet).  She’s 5’3″ and is wearing sizes from small to large in four different styles.


And this SparkleSkirt fan (with great costume skills) is 6’0″ and is rocking a 2XL in both hiker and swing.  While the hiker is a bit longer (a couple of inches), the biggest difference is that with the hiker, the shorts don’t show at all and with the swing, the shorts are more visible, especially when in action.

SS1 DK Collage

My next model is 5’4″ and shows a the difference between a large in swing on the left and a large in hiker on the right.  SS1 E Collage

Here’s a great side by side comparison of swing vs. slim.  Slim isn’t skin tight but you can see that it is more form fitting than the swing or hiker versions.   I don’t own a slim, but reports are that it is very comfortable to run in and isn’t restricting at all.  All of these skirts are made from spandex so none of them feel restrictive.

SS1 M Collage
My final lovely model is 5’6″ and provides a great comparison of the swing and hiker.

SS1 L Collage

I think it’s great to have these side by side photos of different sizes and styles on the same runners not only because it demonstrates what the different styles mean but also because it shows how differently they fit different people.  I’m a classic swing fan myself, but the slim, hiker and commando all look great on these runners!  The bottom line is that there really is a sparkleskirt for everyone!

Are you already a sparklefan?  If so, what is your favorite style and why?  If not, check out my detailed review of them here and when you’re ready to give them a try, go to SparkleSkirts and start shopping!

Finally, a big THANK YOU to my fellow SparkleSisters for sharing their photos!


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  1. SPARKLEON Twinkie!!!! 😉 The decision on Swing or Slim is usually a bigger decision than what skirt I want. I love both for different reasons. I think the slim looks better on me (and makes me look slimmer…go figure) but I think swing is more comfortable and easier to stuff my phone/music in and out of my pocket while running. So…I have both! I also waffle between sizes. The large slim is an easy choice for me b/c the slims seem a little more fitted, but I can fit in a medium or large swing and like the shortness of the medium! So many choices for Sparkle! recently posted…Weekly wrap-upMy Profile

    • Thanks, Karen! The slims do look awesome on you! I’m jealous of your Naughty Schoolgirl one. I really want to try a hiker to see if I can transition it into a work outfit. All those pockets at work?!?! Win!

  2. I have to admit, I’m a little more partial to Lululemon’s skirts than I am to Sparkle Skirts because of length and fit. I’m trying to love Sparkle Skirts. I really am, but there are some sizing issues that I keep coming across with them. Their waistbands are way tight on me if I wear a small, but the rest of the skirt fits fine. If I size up, the waist doesn’t dig in, but I feel like they look too big and the shorts aren’t very compressive. I bought two slims over the last couple of months in medium. I’m wondering if I tried them on first, if I wouldn’t have gone with a small. Right now I’m trying to decide if I want to lay out the cash to order a small slim and try it on or just wait for the Disneyland Half expo and try one on there.
    Also…and this conversation has gone on over at the FB pages, so I know people disagree, but I don’t like that they’re so long and the shorts show under some of the skirts.
    I guess I’m a fan on the fence.
    Jen recently posted…Why The Force is Not Stong with Me #letthewookiewinMy Profile

    • I have some Lululemon issues but their skirts are pretty cute!

  3. This is great! I love how you suggest wearing it to work or for evening. I don’t have sparkle skirts but I have several Running Skirts and love them. Up until PHM weekend I would have never thought to wear them other than out for a run. The ones with the shorts under them are so comfy that I bought a few to wear around this summer ( and they are perfect for a day at a disney park). Great post!
    Meranda@fairytalesandfitness recently posted…Can You Inspire Other Runners to be Joyful, Healthy, and Confident?My Profile

    • They are perfect for theme park visiting. No need for a purse and they dry quickly after Kali River Rapids!

    • Let me know what you think if you try them. One option would to wear them over your compression if you wanted the pockets and cuteness plus compression.

  4. Great post! I love seeing the photo comparisons! I keep wanting to try a slim cut but haven’t been able to make the leap yet. I like them in the pictures though, so I may have to do it.

    • Thanks, I hope it helps make your decision. I think a slim cut would be perfect for you!

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